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Wednesday, 11/18/2018 08:15 AM (GMT + 7)

Because of her husband's frightened "quickly deceived" and so I asked her to go to her; First time for a wedding night. My husband also agrees, of course, at the moment I was going to move, I got a sex cut …

Earn & # 34; gold & # 34; The wedding night, I did not bother me with this here - 1

My decision was fond of trung. Artwork

She's a pretty old fashioned girl; i am My mother often teaches me about the dangers of her & her; Give her early to her sweetheart, it is easy to love, drink, easy to kick … So, throughout the university, I have only love, but when he tried to scratch me, I beat him. And my friend lets after 15 minutes.

After graduating, I went home, working for a father's company. Trung is my headteacher, just 5 years older than me. It's very nice, beautiful, clumsy. My father told him that he was a good seed for "planning" and so when we knew we were supportive of parents, I was very good.

However, I still have to continue to. The idea that "only gives a thousand gold" when I marry, so our love is very important. We stopped just at the opening. Sometimes, the Chinese also moved to attack me strongly, but I cried and stopped.

Often, the trung was also angry, saying that I did not consider it. However, I also explained that I wanted to set up eight religious brides. Initially, Trung smiled me, but after I was struggling to see it, he did not ask him again. His wife went when he realized and respected my decision.

After more than a year of love, we go to the wedding with the joy of parents of two parties. After our wedding, we went on holiday at a well-known center. I carefully prepare myself for the night in a spa hotel, five stars with wings filled in the dining room and in the bride's bed, with champagne and candles.

I was shouting, tightly stretching out of the bedroom with a thick-colored scarf. But under the clothes, I did not know but a thin skirt as a sail, "yes or not". A smile that smiled his arm "told", kissed me warmly and moved to the dining room.

I sat at the edge of the bed, the heart of her jump like a drum. Suddenly my phone came with a message. I opened the phone, I got a cut and a message: "Make a good night like me."

Although the spirit is not very good but I still do not express the information and open. It is a very close sexual breed, a clear face. The main character is merely my husband and sister and colleagues in the same group. She is 7-8 years older than my husband and she is separated.

The conversation between breath panting is more scared. She asked my husband: "Who and Hoa Hoa are more than that." My husband said: "It was used to know that it is 24-25, but it still runs the fire price dry like a wood of fire, it's not as beautiful as your sister."

My husband came out of the dining room, listening to the sound from the tidy, running directly, took the phone and hit the broken wall. I was splashed my heart now.

My husband moved down and kept my knees. He is a normal man, with physical needs. But I did not give it up, so it was very confused. He slept with his colleague just to give me a refreshment on the wedding night.

Oh, it seems that I did not give him his body, he did not succeed and put him to sleep. Turning out that also loves him that he needs to "sacrifice himself" like that.

The night married the person who was buried

I added that day because I had to drink more wine as new customers.

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