Costs more than 2 billion to buy a body ring, and # 39; get back to the acidic end


Tuesday, February 12, 2019 05:00 AM (GMT + 7)

Costing more than 2 billion to buy pearl earrings from an online identity, the girl "bought" a expensive lesson

There was a T. from Beijing, she knew that an interesting jewel shop owner was online, the headteacher said he had retired, after having investigated the jade market in Nanjing, he returned to ; the Jewels' Shop …

Listen to the recording of the story the headmaster made me, T. moved and went to Nanjing for his jewelery shop. She spent over 60,000 yuan (about 2 billion VND) to buy interesting jewelery in this shop.

After being used for about 2 months, she began to find out that something was wrong.

T. said, though he did not understand anything about pearls, there was a change to it; Circles compared to buying time were very clear, for those who did not know anything similar to her, she might find the difference.

T. found that this piece of jade had no problem during the dress, the color was so good, but after being used for a short time, the color of these rings was faster.

In addition, T. also found, not just the jade ring after color change, but the other color pearls also changed, there was no clear blue, glossy and just like just bought.

Cost more than 2 billion to buy body circles, recover the bitter fruit - 1

Thinking about & # 39; Buying a "mill" was true, which believed that it was only a result that was processed

The T. was selling its & # 39; and decided to bring these pearls to the survey. The inspector said, but I did not buy a standard A, they were not all treated, decorated, covered with flaws and colored.

Cost over 60,000 (about 2 billion VND) to buy pearl earrings, finally not natural pearls; but it's really horrible and sad.

Among the pieces of nail bought by T., the headteacher had a ring that he was "real", and cost 30,000 yuan (about 103 million VND).

Sotheby's auction Minh Thanh "real" chain was sold for 240 million yuan (about 825 billion VND) in 2014, but the T-shirt pearl chain not only the more its neck jewels. Its price is also beautiful.

Cost more than 2 billion for the purchase of body circles, recover the bitter product - 2

The "mill" is much cheaper than the "real" ring

A person who is familiar with early pearls has found that something is not right, but someone who does not understand anything about pearls like T. is still foolish to buy many of the rings called "ancient jewelery ".

If you want to buy "jade ancient", but you do not have a "#; Understands anything about pearls, even if you know, it is best to arrange to arrange money in advance, then add to the # 39; checking group for confirmation, When you make sure that it's natural jewelery, then go ahead with payment. This is likely to be a costly cost of more than 2 billion such as T. for buying this "self-lesson".

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