Coté López is very aware of how he misses his life abroad on Glamorama


Author: C. Z. / January 4, 2019

Since returning to Chile a few months ago with her husband and her children, Coté López was the largest figure. ask it in television and events.

Yesterday she appeared at the Mucho Gusto morning show, where it was nice, accessible, light and new. However, 1.3 million fans on Instagram were surprised, the woman who returned to the country after 12 years abroad was very strange.

He was delighted when they were in the Mega program panel, they asked him if he was accustomed to the Chilean. She replied she was not. It costs a lot. She was moved to remember her home in Qatar and asked her not to be made for crying:

José Miguel Viñuela: "Is it difficult to respond to the Chilean quite different after 12 years?"

Coté López: "Look, when I arrived, I was dead. Indeed, when they asked me and you're happy in the Chilean?", I made the smile eh , yes … & # 39; "

Viñuela: "Did not you get used to it?"

Lopez: "At first there was nothing"

Karol Dannsa: "What do you miss most?"

Lopez: "I'm not sorry … I'm losing my privacy and that's … I'm going to cry … Strange … Right, I do not know. The device was great here with the children. There was a bit more independence, so speak. And it happened to me, when I left, everyone looking at me. I said something would be removed? & # 39; I did not know everyone who was watching me. B & # 39; It was a really strange thing.

"I do not say there are things that I enjoy and enjoy. I always have an Instagram. I'm very sorry to come to TV. I'm like a phobia of getting to TV.

Karla Constant: "You said that you need to have a lot of time to let them know when you were here"

Lopez: "I have no longer allowed. Now I like"

Constant: "And you were very excited. What does Penita give you? What's causing those feelings?"

Lopez: "The idea is to"

Constant: "No, I want to understand. I want to find out why it's moving you and your eyes filled with tears"

Lopez: "I am very aware indeed … I think I'm sorry, my privacy, my life, my circle closed. Now, poh, do not let me cry! "

Constant: "That does mean you're going to force the force to retrieve the idea tomorrow, effectively?"

Lopez: "Yes. I think we're going to do"

Viñuela: "Are you feeling a lot more out of the country?"

Lopez: "No, I'm anywhere.

"Everything is affecting, in general. When we stayed, Luis wanted to play in Chile. He was like his brothers and how Every football player … He would have to pay those debts. And I have no choice but to support him, because he has helped me in everything I want. "-Then I then THE VIDEO-.

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