Count down to two days! Is the DPP the biggest on "this thing"? Entrants enter the key to & # 39; affecting the negative numbers Politics NOWnews News today


▲ Hu Youwei photographed on Facebook's page that the DPP was most "frustrated" in the election campaign. (Photograph / Narrator Chen Yafang, design 2010.18.28)

Visit 1124 The census down to 2 polling days, many polls in the county and town contain tight, blue and green smoking, the candidates have seized the last trip to make their memorial. Hu Youwei, Director of Journalism Department at the University of Culture, said today's Facebook (22), "I will talk to the owner again. It's a frightening green camp that the blue people & 39; go to the nest and go out to vote. This is the key to confirm proof! "

Hu Youwei explained that the political ecology of many constituents is that blue is more than green, but many people are very blue. Although they hate the DPP, they do not & # 39; appeal to blue applicants. It is very likely to be too fierce with the cold weather on Saturday. Are you going to vote? In addition, older people are scared frightened, it is not easy to go out, or they can not vote.

Hu Youwei also said that, although everyone has a lot of voting experience, they still remember people when they vote, they must remember "one zone, two seats, three effects, four battles ". The area is with an identity card; Dip is used to block the pen to hurt the ink, the force is just right; Four is blowing the most important point, after its & # 39; pen under the cover, it is best to use the mouth to dry the stamp, so that it is unhappy It has been marked as a waste ticket.

▲ Hu Youwei total face. (Figure / segment of Facebook Hu Youwei) "width =" 516 "height =" 540 "class =" size-full wp-image-3082420 "srcset =" Uploads / 2018/11 / 1542862951-96faa1268acf1db90b4bb045f0d017f4.png 516w, 287w, https: //www.nownews. Com / wp-content / uploads / 2018/11 / 1542862951-96faa1268acf1db90b4bb045f0d017f4-401x420.png 401w "sizes =" (max-width: 516px) 100vw, 516px
▲ Hu Youwei total face. (Figure / page from Hu Youwei Facebook)

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