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The selection is to reduce air and land transport. heated up. The railway flew up to 58 trains this week.

They are willing to return to the country rising high. "Guangzhou-Shenzhen north" to return to the ticket very quickly.

The nine-one-year-round election is very competitive, and air transportation is "sensitive." It is acknowledged that Taiwanese businessmen are on the mainland that is return to their towns more enthusiastic than the previous elections of county and town leaders, which have led to an increase in a two-way passenger factory, especially the return tickets for "Northbound Guangzhou-Shenzhen "; One day, the class is full, and it's hard to find out. This is the high speed rail this week to add 58 trains in response to the return of the vote.

The two major airline airlines, China Airlines and Evergreen, have been transformed by cross-channel transfer or the advancement of fares before election. However, people appeared in the air industry, before being elected president in the meantime, that the situation of Taiwanese businessmen does not; returning home so hot to New Year's Eve, but the relief of travelers at the cross-border routes still remains; greatly increased.

The county and city elections are not as high as the president's election. Taiwanese businessmen returned to Taiwan. In recent years, they seemed to be in great pleasure. However, this year's election is very tight, and even at the Kaohsiung City Championship, even at the Kaohsiung City Championship, has encouraged Taiwanese businessmen to return home this year.

According to reports, China Airlines Airlines and EVA Air this year's cross-border routes have risen to the pre-election level; The four towns with more Taiwanian businesses like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen have 80% passengers at 90%. It's hard to catch, and this week is even more difficult.

Taiwanan businesses who can not buy tickets can only change to a second-level home nearby to take a plane, or work hard to move to Hong Kong. In addition, much of China abroad in North America has returned to voting.

On the side of the islands outside the islands, the class is full of two or three days before the election. From the midnight between 22 and 24 November, Lirong Airlines will navigate to the Kinmen, Penghu and Mazu islands on Taiwan. From the mid-day on November 24th to November 25, there will be three aircraft from Kinmen, Wuhu and Mazu. Tours from the island to Taiwan's main island are full.

Huaxin Airlines has been full of the 21st of November, and the Feijinmen route has always been completely; Wuhu has been tired of November 22. Kinmen and Wuhu are flying to Taiwan's main island, and are also full by November 26.

In terms of land transport, Taiwan's rapid rail plans were planned for election and distribution from November 23 from 26 to 26, when 58 trains were added, and total 659 train for four days.

The Taiwanese businessman said the settlement had changed in 2020. If the Future Democratic Party has sunk at this time, it is likely that this election will be related to the development of the extinguishing position in future. As far as the atmosphere is on both sides of the middle firth, not only Taiwanese mainland businesses are able to leave their breath, and do not have to worry about doing it; going on the red political line. A housing stock market and housing market "can afford to be proud." Some heavy investors were involved in a & # 39; investment in the Kaohsiung housing market before election. South Westerly

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