Couples on Instagram: Are Matthias Schweighöfer and Ruby O. Fee doing their official relationship?


Updated on 08 February 2019, 20:15

Did they make it official? Matthias Schweighöfer and Ruby O. Leave the only romantic picture on Instagram. This memory and still much heart is still there.

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At the end of January, the actor Matthias Schweighöfer published on his Instagram account the division of Ani, his long-term companion and his two children's mother.

At the same time he reveals that a new woman is in her life – but not who she is in her; woman. The rumor mill was melted, now its pair has been confirmed at least indirectly.

An interesting moment

Schweighöfer and his colleague, Ruby O. Fee, have published the same picture on their official Instagram accounts. On the black-and-white, a couple in a car can be seen. Schweighöfer sits with her face to her camera and puts her arms around a woman. This is not seen from the back.

Now it can be believed that this is Ruby O. Fee, because she has posted the same picture:

Schweighöfer writes to the picture: "Verkatert" and a & # 39; put behind the red heart. Ruby O. The information describes her image with a red heart. This seems to complete its & # 39; considered.

Official certainty about the two is still waiting. Even with recorded wedding plans, the "Bild" newspaper has been submitted, the actor did not mention the page. But management refused to connect. (Cam)
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