Court of Justice: It is not a state offense; in epilepsy, paralysis and other illnesses after the girl after their vaccination



21. modern. 2018 10:38

| Updated: 10:42 / 21.11.2018

Court of Justice: It is not a state offense; in epilepsy, paralysis and other illnesses after the girl after their vaccination

After re-appointment, the Ljubljana District Court refused to claim the Jakelj family again, and whose adults now have permanent effects on a three-year-old vaccine against a vaccine. The family made an appeal against their decision, and the address will be dealt with. case with the higher court again, which is on the # 39; Delete the case in the meantime, Delo statement.

Three years later, Jaklji's vaccine was vaccinated after bats in Croatia were banned. After their vaccination; She suffered a bad impact, and so she was in hospital. In a few days, she got another two doses of the vaccine. There have been several health problems, from epilepsy to paralysis. According to foreign and foreign doctors, the influence of the vaccine. Parents say that the health-related health problems are related to vaccine as it is a legal vaccine.

After nesting to & # 39; First Judgment of the District Court, senior judges, for 12 years, thought that the damage caused by their state dependence was vaccinated. They then returned to the district court again to find out the cause of their damage in the test again. The court has not changed its decision in the recall, which started in March 2007.

Milan Čižman from the Clinic for Invasive Diseases and Healings from the Ljubljana Clinic Center is an expert opinion. He believes that the health problems are not due to his / her; vaccine. The period between immunization and incidental incident was too long, as Chizman believes. In addition, the revival of funding did not reveal any major immunization of vaccine-related immunization, but there was no evidence that vaccination would cause serious adverse effects and there are many organizations.

The court was a ruled that the state, because he gave a mandatory vaccine and because the regulations did not; Provision for different cure from adults from children, can not be subject to damage because the rule is not illegal. The Constitutional Court has already found out that the decision on a compulsory vaccine is inconsistent with his / her; Constitution. However, the legislature ordered that the law governed the state liability for damage made by the & # 39; vaccination as a result of an individual, for the completion of his / her date already in 2005, Delo writing.

The court ordered Jakljevim to pay court costs in just over 16,000 euros. In the meantime, the parents submit a claim of 14,604 euros separately, long & The girl says 41,729 euros and the monthly rent, due to the health problems she can not work.

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