Court of Temuco prisoners in prison for the crime of Camilo Catrillanca


The Temuco Appeals Court refused this Wednesday to change the precautionary measures to the saucers when they left with Carabineros Raúl Ávila and Carlos Alarcón, is defined by the crime of a member of the Mapuche community, Camilo Catrillanca, which happened on November 14, 2018 in Temucuicui, so both must remain in a barrier.

In the morning, told the second court of the court of appeal that he kept the jail ban for the sergeant when he relinquished GOPE Raúl Ávila, who was sent to & # 39; participating directly in community crime and The memory card on the destruction of the GoPro camera recorded the murder.

And in the evening it was learned that Court dismissed an application for defense recorded by Carlos Alarcón, former Secretary of the GOPE who was convicted as a person who had been arrested. making the shooting that killed Catrillanca, according to a PDI report that just ended his community.

In each case, its appeal court has not changed the responsive steps to Consider the accused person of security for security protection and especially for the victim of the victim.

The lawyer Nelson Miranda, who represents the Catrillanca family, "the prison is kept up for both officers, there are a number of formal officers, we believe that the research is not limited, but it is Help us that the Temuco Appeals Court and Guarantee Court Collipulli maintain clarity that there was a crime in there was an illegal intent and that this was executed by State representatives against two young men without protection killed from the back in the Temucuicui community"

Ávila will continue to host the maintenance of the Second Carabineros Police Station in Temuco and Alarcón will be held in Carabineros in Cañete.

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