Courtois is confirming that Hazard wants to sign for Madrid!


Last night he left his housekeeper Real Madrid, Thibaut Courtoisthey went through the program microphone The Transistor of it Onda Cero review the news about the white set. When they ask Eden Hazardthe Belgian player quickly responded: "He wants to come."

Your family

“I have a flexible schedule with the mother, it's my timetable, but we live for five minutes and there's no problem. "


“I enjoy sport in general, I can see cycling, boxing, tennis, I would cycle… and I always look at sports journalism.”

Error against Russia

“I got a bit of her hair, I didn't get to the ground because I don't know how I can get past, but as a result of the mistake I got back promptly, it is a shame, but fortunately! we could get out and there was a small mistake.

Spanish media

"There are things that don't look right for me, ideas of little interest and in that case I was angry."


“In the dressing room, there is not much talk about the papers, it's worrying when websites saying the wrong things, but the only criticism that affects me that's the coach. "


"I was very interested in Casillas, but also at Van Der Sar, as I was so fond of Iker, I started after Real Madrid, I won't be Madridista since I was a baby, but I followed the team on For this reason ".

Different between Atlético of Madrid and Real Madrid

"Atlético has grown enormously, but the Bernabéu supporters are more challenging."

Real Madrid Greatness

"In the Valdebebas it seems how good Real Madrid is already and not at Atlético".

Relationship to the white club

"I always speak through a representative."


"The family obviously had an important decision but I came to Madrid because they wanted me here and there isn't a larger club."

Relationship with other curators

“With Cech I have very good friendship as well as Caballero, there are very few, we need to do good training and we all develop, healthy and very good friendships, Keylor, I don't make a relationship at five. months but I have a good relationship and he goes well with it. "

Complicated season

“I am in the club where I dreamed it would be and it's not always easy, we have to give our best every day, it is true that this is not the best season, t but next year we must give everything to keep the fans happy ".

Solari and Ajax

"With our good results we lost everything in a bad week … With Ajax we were not afraid, we're full of games and lots of titles, but we had a bad luck."


“One of my best friends in football, I don't know if it's going to sign for Real Madrid, and I don't know if the club wants it, it is a good game but it's a nice game. T I can work out these things. the better in the world and as a friend I would like to be here, if he wants to come?

Zidane and Keylor Navas

“I respect the coach's decisions, spoke to me personally, I am young and I can still develop, we have to work and show the coach that he also has a porterazo”.


“One of the best friends in the dressing room, I speak to them in English and he knows Spanish, I get along very well with him because I am passionate about golf. "

Attack on your plate in the Wanda Metropolitan

"He is dying what happens on my plate in the Wanda, I gave him everything in the Atleti."

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