Cpbez officers have been arrested by other servers for quality scanning


The Cpbez was arrested in the dual section of Grano de Oro. Brazil works in La Trinidad church, north of the Zulia capital. The partner is 21 years old.

Cpbez Yesterday said that another priest was arrested for "sexual offenses". On Friday afternoon, police officers took hold of Murilo Manoel Oliveira Alves, a 40-year-old, 40-year-old priest, "when he was connected to a young university student within a car."

De Oliveira said it is the order of the Augustinian monuments and parish priest of the Holy Trinity Church, north of Maracaibo.

Providers of a police group named yesterday reported that officers co-ordinated the Oliveira Conservation and Metropolitan Conservation Police that was arrested in the divisional section of the Department of Gold Grain.

Near 6:00 pm on Friday, "at the time of traveling near La Doble Vía, from Golden Grain, the vehicle saw the uniform of Aveo, blue, parking, and the car. to their car and asked the driver to leave the unit. The driver did not pay attention to the profession and the police decided to go into the carriage with the correct personal security measures, which monitors two people who carried out generic activity ".

The officers asked residents to leave their cars again and both, as stated, "they attacked the officers personally and physically , while trying to implement one of the hardest ways to implement corporate control, in accordance with article 70 provisions of the Police Service Organic Law ".

In this way, they can use the mind "in flagrante delicto" of the two men.

José Alfonso Montiel Fereira, a student of a 21-year-old university student, was arrested after the priest Oliveira.

The Aveo, blue, AH393WG plane was maintained in the process.

Cpbez said the case was notified, by phone, Javier Aleman, 5th assistant.

The neighbors of the parish of Juana de Ávila, where the church is situated, is surprised when they are in a position; They learn about what happened, because they are going to do it; to make sure that, although he was a little longer than a week as the head of the temple, he himself showed himself as "a hard and reliable father. He would take a majority at 6:00 pm. Yesterday (Friday) He was reported to be sick. "

This will take place a week after the three months of arrest as a "pagan priest". On November 24, the Brother Iván Merino Padial was arrested.

Merino was also the order of the Augustinian Review, a priest of the María Immaculate church, located in the La California department, north of Maracaibo. They got it inside in Volkswagen to do rude activities by a 12-year-old daughter. On 29 January, he was told he will be examined.

The small man, according to the Finance Office, said that Merino had been accused of her for three years; As a result, the Merino police held and placed it under the Ministry of Public Administration order.

His defeat on the community of Zulian, who rejected their self-confidence, Merino identified: "We have become fond of and given to the other," according to a video that was made.

Merino and now Oliveira are preserved in the chief of Irama police, north of Maracaibo.

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