Crafts & Offenses & # 39; InSight land on Mars


NASA's spacecraft designed to stream down Mars to land is on its own. planet after a quick division through its red birds, sending scientists who had been in a position; Waiting for a white shower for proofing up to 160 million kilometers West-

Flight Laboratories at Jet Laboratory Laboratory NASA were in Pasadena, California, who jumped out of their chairs, hear, dance and her; fighting when they were learning that InSight returned to Mars, the burial ground for many previous missions.

"Touchdown Test!" A flight controller called just before the 3ft EST, which triggered the disturbance of the control room with his / her; A spaceboat making his six-minute descendant.

Due to the distance between Earth and Mars, it took eight minutes to confirm, issued with a pair of tiny lines that had been running InSight during the six months, 480 million kilometers.

Not only did the two satellites put out the good news in a short time, they returned to her; First picture of InSight de Mars just four minutes after landing.

The picture was covered with damage because the cover was still on the face of a camera, but the ground was around it; a spaceboat and sandy spaceboat with just one rock that was to be seen.

B & B was born in NASA; – in fact, humanity – Mars's eighth successful trip from the Viking shoes in 1976, and its first in six years. NASA's Curiosity rover, which came into operation in 2012, is still moving Mars.

Idea of ​​the InSight artist on land.

Idea of ​​the InSight artist on land.

"No," he named JPL's chief engineer, Rob Manning.

InSight, an international $ US1 billion ($ A1.4 billion) project, which includes a German machine mill that will digging five meters to measure Mars inside heat.

InSight did not get out of the woods yet: NASA expected to have a word on Monday at least if the global sunbeds of the spreadsheets successfully developed. The panels need to be opened to generate power; Despite that, it's a bust in the mission.

Over the next two "sols" – or 24 hours Martian days, 39 minutes – flight controllers will also be able to evaluate the health of the InSight psychiatrist and their science devices.

NASA was currently using its simple simple working system, using parachute and brake devices to get an InSight speed from 19,800km / h when it hit the Martian atmosphere, about 114km up to 8km / touchdown.

It was the danger that the spacecraft could be able to; burn up in the air or burn it.

The InSight three-legged position was located on the west side of Elysium Planitia, the plane NASA was aiming for.

The InSight 360 kilogram is located and works from the same site for the next two years, during the Martian year.


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