Craig Wright himself named Satoshi Nakamoto in a letter to CFTC


Donald Cllr's senior researcher, Craig Wright, commissioned the United States Commercial Trade Commerce (CFTC) startup information in response to a call request in response to the Office's request. But even in the official document I did not lose the opportunity to remind everyone that he was the creator Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

"My name is Dr Craig Wright. Under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, I finished the project, which started in 1997", – Wright wrote.

He explained that the misleading information about Bitcoin systems and extracts was out of the screen.

"The system I created in part to remove a bar. But a small understanding of the blocks has led to the spread of misleading information and the revival of old publicity schemes, including in the ICO format ", – he said.

In his letter, Wright stressed that Ethereum is not only in a copy by Bitcoin.

"Ethereum aims to achieve commitments in beautiful contracts, which have been represented in Bitcoin itself, but have been implemented by developers. The Ethereum network has already reached its limit and, indeed, it is not used by unoccupied offices that block market partners with insufficient technical knowledge ", – Wright's summary.

Remembering that earlier in February, the "deceit Satoshi Nakamoto" denotes that it is a painter, and it seems that it is possible to limit JPM's right to give Coin .

In October 2017, Craig Wright made a pocket confirming that Satoshi Nakamoto was not a victim; there.

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