Create an account directly on your phone? Even can do it!


Certainly, you are not fond of talking things in the bank. Waiting for advice, the need for different documents, and the time you need to spend in the # 39; that bank. will do this for you, it allows you to create an account directly from your smartphone and not just that.

If the "first mobile" bank says, most of us do not even know what this term is. mean. For, however, this sentence is the foundation. With this approach, it allows many of the jobs to go directly from your smartphone, without having to visit a bank, or not, Waiting for completing many or no documents.

Although has been here for six months, although it's just through a beta test, Monday 19.11. By 2018 the right time to work was sharp. The bank officially launches services to the public.

And how do you get a As you can see in our own original movie, and its first advantage, you can send a direct account directly on the # 39; your phone.
You just need to visit any branch to create your new account.

"We are starting a new level. Everyone can try to move a daily banking. Since you have established your account on mobile phones, different types of savings, paying on click fingerprinting, blocking cards and mobile payments. With a mobile app, people always know how much they can spend in the next payment, the bank will be able to, communicate with them through push pollutants, and people get an overview of their daily costs and long-term goals, " says Marek Šupa, Chief Executive

Starting on Monday, the latest Android version of is now at Android and Android Play app for Android, which allows you not just create and manage your account.

Along with the sharp start and version of the application, also offers a variety of completely new savings that you can use. Savings called Syslenie are based on one of two scoring rules, which is an unlimited account or a portion of card payments.

The unimportant account, as a fully-demonstrated market, applies to all installments and payments (including card payments). Any sums that come to your account (or your account will not be removed) will be taken over longer lumps and sent to savings.


If you do not collect your card payments, you'll be able to. choose at least one euro, five or ten talents. The difference that emerges under both government will be given responsibly to the savings account, with an interest of 3.65% paid at EUR 1,500. In fact, if you choose a single save during registration and if you want to use another, you can easily change the application.

Not all, however, is to work childhood work and launch a new app. As we learn through a news conference, is preparing a lot of news for the future. So, for example, the opportunity to arrange a consumer loan or a variety of investments is available soon. Moving stakeholder stakeholders can look forward to having a " Includes other different payment methods that come sooner to Google Pay that is a "#; currently supported.


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