Attention to users About the BBC, one Thousands of people in the world have a dangerous viral scam, to complete your phones Advertising that does not want and even behave your data to rescue money.

A few weeks ago the application "Track Tracker for WhatsApp" returned to its smartphone Android smartphone phones, which prompts users "to know who is watching your profile photo" in the best message service.

It should be noted in the beginning of 2018 the App had already been confused with hundreds of usershow it is April and June the same year, but again He returned to harm thousands of people who did not know it.

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During the last day of December, different Social networking accounts started the proposal's proposal to verify who to view or download on your profile.

So they appeared videos of influential on YouTube and even some media They dropped before they were watching their & # 39; profile.

But everything was like to be hero, where the downloaded application to start to & # 39; fill in your phone with advertising – to earn money at the cost of your data- or to carry private information as an exchange of payment, using a cash warrant.

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According to the experts, "Tracker Profile for WhatsApp" does not show real information about the friends who reviewed your profile photo, just select five or more links from your schedule in a random manner and a date they are assigned to them.

The request Use the user's navigational access to upload advertising on your mobile phone, without agreement and delivery Beautiful clicks to generate money.

Also, Providing private information through cash price, and afterwards he wants money as "money-free" to release the data released.

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