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BELGRADE – Customs officers received four pistols and nearly 2,000 tablets were seated at the border; crossing Horgos in partnership with the police.

The fight was found on 10 February, when a car "Swiss Škoda Fabia" was separate from the country for a detailed examination at the opening, and two from Switzerland traveled to Lugano.

Initially it was above the left, in the # 39; horizontal under the protection of the front wings, there are 1,950 tablets of "modafinil", called "smart drugs" and 18 tablets for "cobra", "kamagra" and "super tadapoks" abilities.

Then, in the sidebar under the right hand shield; car, four CZ-7.66mm and 9mm pistols were found, with matching foot frames. The army was tied in plastic bags and a cloth of cloth.

The police and prosecutors have taken the lead into a positive sovereignty, named in Subject Management.

( Serbian Subjects)


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