Cretaceous: There is a broad illness of a dental threat


Briny teeth, but also face teeth, are sensitive to heat, cold or chemical stimulation. At the same time, the disease affects more and more children.

Coarse surfaces on the teeth and are scarce – stimulate dance decay, telling dentists. Children were in pain when they were drinking, eating and eating. cleaning their teeth. Expressed with concern in its collection mining, the German Association for Dental, Folklore and Maxillofacial Olega explained. The dentist's early visit is important.

Cretaceous new common illness is even registered with the inside

According to the president of the German Association for Pediatric Dentistry, Norbert Krmer, there are around 10 to 15 per cent of children suffering from chalk. A new study is even confirmed in 30 per cent of under-aged chalk. So cretaceous teeth had to be known as a new disease, Krmer said. Disease, incisive molar hypomineralization (MIH) was first reported in 1987.

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Her first Zahnschden was registered according to the doctors' associations already in her; unborn child in the eighth month of age. At this time, different reasons are being considered. There may be problems when you are pregnant, infectious diseases, antibiotics, trout oats, dioxin and high respiratory disorder. In animal examinations, bonds were made between the Bisphenol A and plastics of chalk. It is not considered that there is no detailed explanation of the case, write the societies.

This helps to prevent illness: dental visits and a beautiful dance pass

The yellow-haired yellow-brown surface can be found on an individual Zahnhckern or on the tooth surface. The teeth will quickly break. Regular visit to the dentist, can be cleaned by a fluoride dance passport at home, a doctor's fluoride medication and broken teeth collection help to keep them up, said Stefan Zimmer, President of the Association German for Drug Dentistry.

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