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NEW DELHI: Amid Bhandari, who was chairman of the CEO election committee, was attacking a group that was attacked by a group of unidentified people at senior team training at St Stephen's.

Bhandari was kept up and down and was taken to Sant Paramanand's Hospital at a Civil League with his colleague Sukhvinder Singh. The geoles fled before the cops could reach the place.

"We are looking at the case and a case will be recorded after the victim has been reported," said Nupur Prasad, Deputy Police Commissioner (north).

LEABHAR A-STEACH: The DDCA president states that tire action against the Vandari attacks

President of the Delhi & District Cricket Association (DDCA) indicates Rajat Sharma PTI that will not be held guilty.

"We're trying to get detailed information about the event. As long as I know, it's about one unhappy player that he did not do a proven list for his / U-23 national competition.

"The SHO from the local police station has reached Stephen's range and I have spoken personally to Delhi Police Commissioner, Amulya Patnaik. The guilty will not be married. I commit a symbolic act against anyone who gets involved in this mismanagement. FIR, "said Sharma.

Sharma, who met the hospital at Baandari, said: "It is shaken and it's natural. The doctors have advised that it should be monitored for 24 hours as a precautionary measure."

"The hooks were stressing to choose a player, who had entered the U-23 team worthy of merit. Amit said that no one was also threatening a warrior. "

Gaetam Gambhir, India, and Delhi's Cricket and Bishan Singh Bedi began to face the event.

"It's hard to see that this is happening right in the heart of its Program. This can not go down under the platform and I personally sure it does not. I start to stop put on life from every cricket for the players who scratched the post at the uninterrupted monument, "wrote Gambhir on Twitter.

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Although Bedi wrote: "It is not completely banned … these eyes need to be included ASAP level to take health care in election cases … no violence can be take forward for election, regardless of how much it is … DDCA is awakening and acting pretty Cricket brother wants to stand up officially … !!! "

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Delhi team manager, Shankar Saini, said the event.

"I was getting my food with a co-worker inside a Bhandari and Pavilion with other electors and a senior team coach Mithun Manhas to look at his co- Syed Mushtaq Ali competition which is likely to have a test game.

"Two men came first and went to Baandari. There was a exchange between Heatari's and the two men. He left and before we could collect our ideas, suddenly 15 people armed with knives, bars and cycling chains, "Saini said.

"When the other senior team players who attended the exams moved with us to save Sndari, they began to threaten us and one said," Do not join this or we will & # 39; burn you. "

"They attacked Bhandari with hockey sticks and rods and kept their injuries," said the old seamer in Delhi.

When asked who could be behind the attack, Saini said, "I was not there when these two came and spoke to Bhandari. It is clear that he is is protected and when it tells the police, we will get more information. "

Delhi's cricket has always emerged in inflammatory taxes and allegations of depressing elections at different age levels have also appeared once and again.

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