Crime Elon Musk Equipped Tesla on 60 Minutes


"Are you feeling safe? "Leslie Stahl asked Elon Musk on Sunday 60 Minutes, as the vision showed her to travel to the Musk railway in the Tesla 3. Red Module 3. "Yes," replied the CEO, settling back to the driver's seat, his hands covered over his stomach, after having a semi-normal driving system to the "Next" car Now you do not. "Driving at all," said Stahl, unfortunately, look at his feet.

Musk went on to show that the car has a new car on Autopilot feature, which allows them to change sites by themselves. Stahl's response is a fight – "Oh my goodness" – many people's reviews when they first see the Tesla. take control of control and speed. But it's questioned, trying to measure it on going to & # 39; Musk involvement in the driving process, and # 39; Tesla has an important issue because it includes the most advanced Autopilot features.

A group of evidence that grows up; makes it clear that many drivers have been mistaken about what the car is capable and can not do. Tesla has occasionally been repeated – with narrative statements, handwriters, and screenshots in the car-not an independent system. in Autopilot. He will not even see firetrucks stop. The person is always accountable, and should keep their hands on the wheel. However, one of the most attractive newspapers in the country, Musk was dangerous to include a & # 39; Unbelievers by being clearly not even hitting her & # 39; driver wheel, and agree that he was not driving. As he added: "I do not do anything."

At the same time, Musk will continue to & # 39; talk up to Tesla's aim of doing their own cars & # 39; Driving in situations far beyond the road, without watching people or getting involved. And so it's dangerous to & # 39; extend the gap between what looks like a & # 39; do and what he does.

Clothing such as Waymo and GM are just going for a completely independent system, and # 39; test the technology with safety drivers trained in carefully arranged situations. Tesla has consistently installed capabilities through the upgrading of an air software, telling customers that these features are in beta, let them have the table. This approach is a benefit – they help to help them to & # 39; drive safely if they are properly used – but also they will be responsible for driving people who understand the system's constraints. So who wants to make a Musk onk camera? let her wheel be so unhappy. (Tesla did not answer a series of questions about it 60 Minutes interview.)

"The board of directors have to put their heads away," said Missy Cummings, who investigates human car and devolution interaction at Duke University. "Tesla is one of the biggest problems that are called a misleading method – people do not understand when there is a car in a single automated way."

Unfortunately, Tesla software is part of the problem. Over the weekend, I moved around 60 miles of the railway in Model 3, which used Navigate on Autopilot. The new feature allows it to; car to move forward to provide a slower package and join the correct road to exit. Media Showcase is a & # 39; shows other cars around the Tesla in cartoonish graphic production. (Once, on the streets of the surface, the car saw a person on electric scutters to move into a blind place, telling him as a walking sticker). The car needs the driver's license before changing e sites, a & # 39; marks where he wants to go gray on the screen. Once I have to & # 39; Signing my license with a gear of the gear or the display, the computer has a flat, and # 39; Waiting for a gap in traffic, he moved over, and stopped his sign. It was a remarkable feeling when I reached my freeway route (each destination I put in the navigation system). He named the car, he went into the leaving line, slowly, and made three "bong" sounds to tell me he had gone on Autopilot, not to be involved.

Because it was a new feature; There I stayed in the alarm, holding at least one hand on it; wheel and watch the mirrors to make sure that the car stayed safe-just as you could. But I know from experience with previous versions of Autopilot that such emotions are quickly removed. When the car moves quickly, it is easy to go back to an awareness that the computer does not need any help or guidance. It's fine. It is OK to check out the road for a minute, no minute or minutes.

"This is why it's so dangerous," said Cummings. "One of the things we know is sure people start to take care of when the car is doing enough work. "

The type of National Transport Safety has been named as a result of this type of worry in a moving move that killed Josh Brown in Florida in the & # 39; May 2016. He has been involved in a newer death and at three o'clock (at least) Tesla drivers have been split into stop fighters only in 2018. And by selling Model 3, there will be more and more regular drivers, with little automatic data and uninsured data, working as Tesla safety drivers. "The public does not understand issues related to the technical constraints," said Cummings.

That does not keep Tesla back. Also on Sunday, her Musk tweet has a & # 39; company trying to develop more devolution features in development software, and # 39; including the ability to handle traffic lights and a roundabout.

For the future, however, Tesla cars need to be monitored by drivers if they do not. get in. Despite the recent Tesla efforts to make it harder for drivers to go to; assignation, the person who guides the case does not appear to be; get a message.

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