Criminals against the genetic editing of human embryos


"If this is true, this test is very spectacular," said Julian Savulescu, director of the Center for Practical Studies at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, yesterday. "These babies are used as genetic gig pigs." "It's too fast, dangerous and irresponsible," said Joyce Harper, a specialist in breeding medicine at the University of London College, on the magazine's website. Nature.

"Due to current situation [esta] technology, I support moratarium about implementation embryos edited, "he said in the Feng Zhang statement, a commencement of work genetic preparation at the Massachusetts Technology Institute (SA).

These are some of the concepts that China's researcher has named yesterday Jiankui e He has had two other sisters, Lulu and Nana, after them edit his dNA. According to Elizabeth, who gave no evidence of what she says, the girls have come to fruition with a reproduction with help. Using the CRISPR-Cas9 gene generator, it has produced a CCR5 generation from the entrances before inserting them into the uterus. The aim is that the disease of AIDS can be infected with girls, because the CCR5 gene is a; extracting muleacle that requires HIV to affect cells.

Gene has changed to prevent HIV strains

The news was announced yesterday by Associated Press (AP), a day before he spent it at a conference on the genetic publication held in Hong Kong. The test information is still not published or their normal study has not been carried out in the scientific community when new results are presented.

As soon as the news came out, he lost his help from the University of Science and Technology; South, based in Shenzhen, to which it is connected. The work is "continually suited to reflective methods and academic standards," said the institution in a statement. The university, which has been examined within the opening, says it has been away from February.

Also, the Shenzhen Women's and Harmonicare Hospital, which was licensed by the exams, was away from itself. The Harmonicare Medical Holdings company, who has the hospital opened, investigated itself to clarify what happened and created an emergency committee, according to Bloomberg.

Motions of a creative generation

Motions of a creative generation
(The Vanguard)

Even the Chinese government intervened in the dispute. The National Health Commission (equivalent to the Ministry of Health) said "very real" and preserved the vast administration of Canton's large department "to investigate and clarify and justify" Reuters said.

This mystery is unanimous because the CRISPR-Cas9 technology, which is still capable of improving disease remedy, has two problems if it is used. On the one hand, it can create unwanted revisions in other genome areas rather than what you want to edit. On the other hand, these misses will be unchallenged to the lasting generations of adverse effects.

This is why Unesco asked in 2014 that he would including genetic preparation to ovules, sperm and human embryos. The International Convention on Human Generation Declaration – organized by United States, the United Kingdom and China Institutions – confirmed in 2015; ask "social social consensus" before making genetic changes that may be sent to descendants. The United Kingdom agreed in 2016 how the human embryos approach, except for research, was reproduced.

He has two genetics companies in Shenzhen, arguing that his goal is to ban AIDS. Seven couples participated in the test in which the person is HIV behaviors and does not; wife. It is one of the eleven forms to be genetically activated in six attempts before reaching their first and, to date, only being pregnant. "I think this is going to help families and their children," he said.

Efforts that are unnecessary will be drawn to the following generations

However, redistribution thinking is a safer way to prevent people with HIV from sending them to a " virus to their children. If the aim is to prevent older people's disease, there is an increased risk of other diseases such as cold or West Nail fever, and ensure that the benefits are higher than the dangers.

But the worst thing is that, in relation to the two daughters born, one has changed the two copies of the CCR5 gene and the other, just one, is reported to AP. With only one modified copy, it is not protected against HIV. So, the girl is open to antibodies that do not need the genetic editing without any rewards. According to George Church of Harvard's geneticist expert, this suggests that "the priority is to edit genetic editing rather than avoiding disease".

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