Crin Antonescu's wife returns to PNL games to the European Parliament? – News sources


President PNL Timis, Nicolae Robu, said Monday for AGERPRES that she advocates Adina Vălean's bid for a new MEP agreement.

The news comes after the dominant PNL command was suspended after Monday when a final party candidates' list was established.

Adina Vălean is the former PNL woman's wife, Crin Antonescu and currently stands for Liberal MEPs. Last October, she said she did not want to run for another term. "It's a personal decision, no one has come to life. I have stayed for many years in Brussels and I want to do something else," said Vălean.

At that time, it was noted in the PNL that Adina Vălean's "cradle" means making a place for Crin Antonescu to go to; return to politics.

Finally, Crin Antonescu made his claim to the PNL for a seat on the European Parliament list. But Liberal resources say Antonescu seems to be entitled to the list.

PNL Commission new accounts to finalize the final list.

  • "Adina Vălean has been a great achievement as an MEP. If we do, the Romans, together with ten million other European, today's most widespread payment in the EU, this is how as a result of the campaign and the struggle of Adina Vălean, supported by PNL and EPP. It also has special implications for free movement of citizens throughout the Union and the emergency number of 112. It has been promoted in many countries in the European Union, 39; including Romania, even in Timisoara, in conjunction with a town hall, a hydrogen car, "explained Nicolae Robu.

The leader of the Liberals Timişeni said Adina Vălean was a former leader of the European Parliament, on behalf of the European People's Party Group, "honoring PNL and Romania" in this senior position.

"For all this, it is clear that I support Adina Vălean in an appropriate situation, which seems to be a new agreement," said Nicolae Robu.

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