Crisis survey: People prefer to be able to; killing a human or sensible robot?


The new technological time will also provide unresolved philosophical questions. What do people value the life of the robot? The stimulating survey gave the answers.

The new study set up a test that had very controversial choices. It is not easy to choose who's alive, and before choosing one of those types, one should never be built. However, scientists asked if people of a prestigious robot would save people to breath. Beusach Puzzles have made different results.

Partner options were different. Anti-robot opposition, which was introduced as a simple device, and # 39; Describes a robot with other human knowledge or features, or even offering sacrifices to a common person, as part of them. Markus Paulus, researcher and co-author of the University of Ludwig-Maximilians, said: "A shelter should not be as close as possible as a man can go too far."

With the rest of humanity the science has to do; affecting the robot, more participants have created moral status

"As much as the robot was given as a person, and the biggest emotions, we were not willing to sacrifice" says Paulus. As a result of the test, this confirmed that if his own thoughts or feelings or even feeling pain, it would not be as likely to be donated by the partners to save human life. Such a kind of chances are so clever to many. So there are attempts to develop the robot as close as possible for a person who is constantly trying to create them first – to help us.

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