CRISPR builds up: China's researcher says that the baby was prepared by a genius that is application


A Chinese researcher says he helped his first born genetic baby in the world – twin daughters born this month with a DNA who said he had changed with a new machine powerful who can transcribe real life design.

If it's true, it would be very interesting for science and your ideas.

U.S. scientist said that he took part in China's work, but this type of generation is banned in the United States because DNA changes are in place; going past future generations and that it is dangerous to harm other genera.

It was 11 26 18
He Jiankui. Credit image: Press Associated

Many of the current scientists who think it's unsafe try, and some of them put the Chinese report as human proof.

The researcher, He Jiankui from Shenzhen, said he had changed embryos for seven couples during pregnant healing, with one child to date. He said that the remedy was not a barrier or a ban on inherited disease, but trying to take into account that there are not many human beings – able to stop HIV infections It may be, a & # 39; AIDS virus in the future.

Application E has no independent proof, and is not published in a magazine, where other experts would be scratched. He told him Monday [November 26] in Hong Kong, one of the organizers of an international conference on a lamb cutting that is going to start on Tuesday, and earlier in a special interview with The Associated Press.

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