Cristián Castro is dry for milk … in a bottle


No one knows how Cristián Castro, the Mexican singer, is trying to be the news of everything often and not just because of his music. The son of her actress Verónica Castro moved to her when she was in a position; accepting what Gabriela Bo, his wife, said in an interview in Argentina. At this time, Gaby said the voice of "Azul", 45, still drinking milk in bottles, although they were married and asked to make her staff .

"(He prepared a) a woman who worked in the house. He had many things for boys because his sisters were going to live. A little cup with the packing packer from the bottle, "threw it into the water.

Cristián decided to give his home program "El gordo y la flaca", from Univisión, where he talked about his fetishes.

The interpreter "Lloran las rozas" said that Bo had told the truth and he showed that he does not care what people are thinking about. "I enjoy feeling the things I felt when I was a child and that I really enjoyed myself as a boy, like all the boys who I think, we're closing a lot because we want to be big and not to say, and what a little boy, you're a little started and started.

He learned that. "I do not care, I get things like that … I do not seem to always drink milk from a bottle, I can sometimes keep it & # 39; bottle and saying how beautifully & # 39 ;.

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