Cristiano Ronaldo encourages Lionel Messi Barcelona to go with him in Italy Football news


Last updated: 12/18/18 6:30 pm

Cristiano Ronaldo says he hopes Lionel Messi will "challenge me as a" and leave Spain to play in Serie A.

The Juventus 33-year-old youth was awarded in the summer for a £ 105m tax after Real Madrid's nine years, where he won two La Liga titles and four Games League.

During his time at Bernabeu, he and Messi went on to go to # 39; Regularly recruits for team and individual awards, with the 10th anniversary of the Gold Ballon only broken by Luka Modric this year.

Messi has all been awarded in Barcelona but Ronaldo now wants Argentina to leave the Nou Camp and go with him in Italy, and suggest that he can "need it" 31.

"I'd like to come to Italy one day. I hope that the challenge will be accepted as me, but if it's happy there, I respect that," said Ronaldo with the media Italian.

Asked if he had lost Messi, Ronaldo said: "No, that's probably what I'm missing. I played in England, Spain, Italy, Portugal and for my national team , as long as he is still in Spain.

"Maybe it needs me more. For me, life is a challenge, I like it and I like to make people happy. It's an amazing and good player, but I do not miss something here. Here's my new life and I'm happy.

"I left my rescue range and I took this challenge here in Turin, everything has gone well, I have confirmed that I'm still an amazing player."

Ronaldo says he is convinced that he made the right decision to leave Real Madrid for Turin in the summer but he admits that clubs have an interest in different clubs in to & # 39; sign up.

"I had different choices. I will not get that but I was getting there. Juventus is a strong club. He has a long history," he said. "I knew the atmosphere in the playground. I played several times in Italy. I like the town, the people and the club. I knew it could work.

"I could not be 100 percent sure I was going to the best club in the world. After Real Madrid's nine years it was difficult to compare. I'm 100 percent sure it's the right choice. "

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