Cristiano Ronaldo will chase the historical squad after a special act


(Juventus – Atlético Madrid 3–0, 3–2 in total) It seemed impossible to win three times on the single team at the bottom from Madrid. But again the "King of the Champions League" proved impossible.


– That's why Juventus put my name on. This was a magic night Cristiano Ronaldo immodest.

Everyone's eyes were aimed at the winner Champions League Three times in Real Madrid series.

Now the old club is out, and the Juventus League's desire is there. Indeed, thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo.

– That was the dream they had when they signed the "King of the Champions League". We thought it should stop, but then we see "excellent class" from Cristiano Ronaldo, according to TV expert 2 Brede Hangeland after the game.

"This is a myth, and now a new chapter is written tonight," said colleague Erik Thorstvedt.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League

The teams also said that this was on the end of an insecure team.

– Cristiano Cristiano. I said yesterday that I was sure it would be Cristiano. It's amazing, it's special, and we're happy for him, "said team captain Giorgio Chiellini.

VAR technology and line line

For Atlético Madrid, the plan was ready. Diego Simeone's men had many people behind his ball, and Diego Godín and the midfielders Diego Godín and José Maria Giménez withdrew from football after football.

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Initially, Chillellini was wounded because Judge Björn Kuipers believed that Cristiano Ronaldo was too long in Jan Oblak. The judge carried out two examinations of VAR, but decided on the decision.

But then Ronaldo was successful. The 34-year-old got back experience of Juanfran for a young player. The builders were on the move.

– It is the king Ronald. No one left, nobody now, Hangeland said.

And in the second half he was there again. Again, the best score arose in the story of the Champions League. Jan Oblak had apparently made a big saving, but the goal line technology told us that the ball was over the line.

– Thank you, line technology! The one who didn't have the judges said he was, Erik Thorstvedt said.

Some changes from Simeone and Allegri changed the rhythm of the game, only ten minutes before the 19-year-old 19 Moise Kean had a big chance – where he sent the ball to visit Jan Oblak in the Cage. Atlético.

ABOVE: It is likely that nothing will stop any of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League. Photo: Claudio Villa. / Getty Images in Europe

Just three minutes later, Fernando Bernadeschi, who was very upset, led the ball into the sixth Atlético. An old jungle word says that attackers should not stay too large in their own six meters, which was an example when Ágel Correa was falling in the Italian legs.

"It's really running so close to the attacker," said manager of Norway's national team, Egil "Drillo" Olsen, who also visited TV 2.

It might be historical

The Atlético players did their best to get Juventus carriers, but Cristiano Ronaldo again showed his pressure. Oblak walked one way, and the Portuguese took it there and put the ball into each other.

– Superior, Rune Bratseth said in Viasport's studio.

– The strength of mind here is great, Erik Thorstvedt in TV studio 2.

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– I think the team who are going forward can go on to a final, Brede Hangeland said before the game.

Now the opportunity of Cristiano Ronaldo to be the first recipient of the Champions League four times in a series – this is the second to win the Champions League with three different clubs. Clarence Seedorf is another man.

– I think Juventus is giving a perfect game, Freddy dos Santos said in the TV studio 2.

– The minds were worthy of men. We didn't win anything yet, but we're pretty on the road, Cristiano Ronaldo himself said.

CONCLUSION: Here Cristiano Ronaldo is affected by a 3-0 win at Juventus Stadium. Photo: Chris Brunskill / Fantasista / Getty Images in Europe

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