Cristina Ferreira arrives above 40% – Television


Cristina's program was, very yesterday, high above 40% of the region. The shape of the station de Paços of Arcos, as usual, was in charge.

Coming with the Cristina program governance, competitors have not yet looked at the first place. Wednesday, Cristina Ferreira 4.5 recorded the audience and 34.5% of the average market share. It was generally seen with 439,000 spectators.

TVI's “Você na TV” stayed second, with 2.4 rating and 18.3% division Along with Manuel Luís Goucha and Maria Cerqueira Gomes, there were 229,000 viewers.

Already in RTP1, with the Praça da Alegria, it was based at 1.5 / 11.5% with an average of 145,000 spectators.

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