Cristina Ferreira is more likely than he ever was – The most difficult information she has sent from SIC


Since SIC was first published on 7 January this year, t Cristina Ferreira It has been more likely than ever.

Pay attention to the world of fashion, and the Carnaxide morning reporter visits information and careless ways, which often draw to the public and others … that is not even.

From yellow feather varnishes, purple, green or orange to heart earrings, the big rings of the style of singer Ana Malhoa and the spiked and pink pants, "neighbor" of Ramáudio Ramos that no one is fairer to the style it is more elaborate and darker.

The players are always shown in the pictures that the presenter shares in the social networks with a view to dressing in fairer, shorter, longer, taller versions or larger sports appearances.

Every morning, the audience is amazed to see Cristina Ferreira coming in through the house at home, well and almost always has something unusual. When we bought Cristina Ferreira's style as she did now with her TVI Vocabulary view of TVI, we noticed she is worse.

Take a look at the photo gallery and see some of the most recent features of the SIC star.

Text: Joana Dantas Rebelo; Images: Impala and Instagram Remodeling

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