Croatia supports the "heavy" and "reluctant" efforts of the Kingdom to reach a political solution to the regional conflicts that face it. crossing the Sahara Moroccan


Croatia supports the efforts

Croatia supports the "bold" and "fierce" efforts of Morocco to reach a political solution to the regional conflicts of the Sahara Moroccan, Deputy Prime Minister and the Croatian Foreign Minister Marija Pejcinovic who said Friday in Rabat Buric.

In a statement to the media following the meeting with the Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation Minister, Mr Nasser Bourita, Pejcinovic Buric, said that Croatia had a " link to the situation of the European Union in relation to the Sahara Moroccan Question, saying that its country welcomes its revival; a process called the United Nations and supporting the efforts of the United Nations Secretary General, Mr Antonio Guterres and his devolution to Sahara, Mr. Horst Kohler.

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Crògais's head of diploma has said that the desire to see "this new honor creates a powerful dynamic" to solve the dispute about the Sahara Moroccan question, which will be "beneficial for regional sustainability and prosperity".

Pejcinovic Buric runs a three-day trip to Morocco (7 – 9 February) at the head of a large representative organization of businesses and economies active in the renewable energy and business industries that are part of the conversation and regular consultation between Morocco and Croatia and the shared desire to promote their two-dimensional relationships, and which aims to trade and invest between the two countries.

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