Croatia's Dalic coach speaks to Lovren over Ramos


Co-head of Croatia, Zlatko Dalic, will be holding talks with Dejan Lovren after the social media that she has; defense against Sergio Ramos.

Lovren at Liverpool's mainstream was filming in an Instagram video to show her & # 39; featured on dragging Ramos in the Croatian drama Country League; win over Spain on Thursday.

The two have been struggling against her & # 39; World Cup final 6-0 in Spain in September, when Lovren felt his team had a riot.

The former one in Southampton later said that Real Madrid captain had been done to look good at his teams and doubled down his fine after his death; 3-2 victory in Zagreb, publishing the side of Luis Enrique "p ***** s" and a & # 39; They claimed that grace was not lost.

Dalic confirmed that he would speak with Lovren, but he would not consider the natural nature of his / her; conversation.

"I'll talk personally to Dejan but that's going to stay with us in the team," he said.

"I do not want to talk about it publicly."

Croatia meets England at Wembley on Sunday with each side; searching for the three points that would hunt the place in the borders of the League of Nations.

Lovren, who considers himself among the best defender of the world, is expected to identify the hard work of Harry Kane.

Ask if the challenger was; at the Premier League; he or the starr Madrid, the best player, did not put the English captain to his flame; competitors.

"That's not my comparison between the two," said Kane. "Clearly, I think Ramos's albums talk about himself, what won he won, what he has played in a lot of games.

"Indeed, Lovren is another amazing defender and I'm looking forward to going against tomorrow.

"It's a matter of opinion, obviously [Lovren] his opinion. Some of the players are more interesting than others, but from my opinion that's not just about criticizing me and focusing on myself and my team. "

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