Cross-border translators exchange workers for foreign exchange to enter the management sandbox – News – Rti Media Radio Station


Cross-border translators exchange workers for foreign exchange to enter the management sandbox – News – Rti Media Radio Station

  • Time: 2018-11-19 17:46
  • News statement: Interview
  • Writing Editor: Chen Lin Xinghong

The financial science and technology innovation park is a & n; The first was the guide to & # 39; outdoors, and the finance director of the committee, Gu Lixiong (center), was personally sent to battle to solve the problem. (Photo by Chen Linxing Hong)

According to Labor Ministry statistics, foreign workers in Taiwan met over 69,900 people at the end of September this year. These foreign jobs are not normally left on Sundays, but the banks are closed on Sunday, so they can only use the "Western Union" way. Salary, in the increasingly steady rules of cash rubbish, also has a " Doubtless of the sites of the Union of the West. The president of the Financial Management Committee, Gu Lixiong, said today (19th) that non-financial companies have suggested that foreign workers can cross border interventions through good business. The FSC is reviewing whether they should enter the management sandbox process. "Labor Independence."

This is the name of Western Union Quick Cash to use the West Union Company to cooperate with other banks across the world to "network delivery" services. Applicants can go to their bank that is; cooperate with Western Union to complete the information and complete the data in one day. The money will be donated to foreign recipients quickly, and the person who collects the money can be collected at one West Union Cooperative Bank. Most of Taiwan's overseas employees are given this way.

However, with the increasingly stringent rules of financial contraction, some of the doubts on the European Union are also. Therefore, the FSC is also reviewing. At this time, non-financial companies have been suggested that overseas workers can enter the sandbox process through the interim exchange program. Gu Lixiong, chairman of the Financial Regulatory Committee, said: "(Original sound) We are now learning, under the circumstances of risk control, in particular the regular exchange of foreign workers who receive Normal salary, therefore, in the past with the payment of the Western Union, Care, we want to check in the sandbox exams, especially for one foreign worker's employee , when the exchange is overseas, the risk may be more limited to the overcrowding exchange, as it is only foreign-based workers only 」

HSC has three reasons for over-border changes of foreign workers through high-level business. The first one is that applicants need to be migrant workers, and the second payment must be as usual payments, that is, every month and three months of movement. Half a year, the local income will be deducted. Finally, the payment request must be related to the change. The party must explain the payment and connection request, and Taiwanese's business can check the item. Gu Lixiong also believes that if his / her; Successful case in the sandbox exams and the doubts about capital security and cash glacier are excluded, can be realized, and further "work devolution" can be improved in- migration.

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