Cross-road atopic dermatitis, sub-diagnosis and a problem with other diseases


The most descriptive and repeatable descriptive that is heard from patients suffering and suffering is likely to be severe and severe. Atopic dermatitis (AD). At the same time, the description only appears as part of a common skin disorder, which makes it complicated for more than a result of its speeding distance from the decision right and early.

Sometimes AD patients have been deceived – and the worst that are being treated – with diseases such as Prurigo, psoriasis, scabies or bad drugs.

Atopic dermatitis is a continuous disease that is cured by the systematic, unpleasant and obvious defensive system on its; skin, with the total potential of major problems in the quality of patient life.

"AD faces many faces, depending on the age of the patient, but its main indication has been a stress, with a very dry skin and revitalizing," he explained Dr . Cristina Pascutto, dermatologist and current president of the Argentine Dermatology Association (SAD). .

For the same incidental process of the skin, 7 out of 10 patients have other diseases (partners) such as asthma, rhinitis and cancerous, continuous sinus, nose polyps and food guys.

For 6 out of 10 adults with the moderate changes seriously, the contradiction is intense or inclusive.

There is a consensus and support between two Argentine scientific societies to raise awareness of this condition that affects its skin. In this regard, the Association of Clinical Art and Geology (AAAeIC) and Argentine of Dermatology (SAD) Argentineach joined their knowledge and knowledge within the framework World Day Atopic Dermatitis, which is remembered today, November 27.

AD is usually considered a childhood contract, because it affects between 5 and 20 per cent of children, between 10% and 40% a & 39; provide a hard copy. Anyway, in 3 out of 10 cases it follows after childbirth and, in fact, some patients even have a child; Experience the first indication of just an adult.

"Some people scratch themselves or sleep to sleep, it is difficult for parents who can see their children suffer or for a man or a woman to see the partner in that situation. " Anyway, who else is there? in life converted by bite, kick, red and pain, "said the doctor Gabriel Gattolin, president of the Allergy and Immunology Clinical Association (AAAeIC).

"When the patient comes to his / her consultation for the first time, it will be asked if any kind of respiratory tract and also asked about family history, as well as prove skin or skin skin is very dry, "Pascutto said a specialist.

Gattolin said "patient's pruritus is the main reason for consulting, however, the red, very difficult and difficult situation is being handled.

In this case, there is something called cycling between the thatching and scratching action, create even more fertile. In the first instance, the cells of the protection system will be & # 39; Fit markers to burn the surface of the skin and this causes it to be surrendered. When you write, the obstacle to the skin is broken, and # 39; Let's get viruses, bacteria and allergies. This, then, will revive the cells of the protection system, which will add identities that are; make more thunder, red and shoes.

There are things that add to the likelihood of & # 39; break and should be avoided: -Stress
– Food allergens (egg, milk, wheat, bacon, peunuts, others)
-Aeroallergens (dumbbells, herbs, animal epithelia, fungi, others)
– Irish like skin cleansing, wool fabrics or synthetic threads
-Because water
– Shows socks and aggressive cleaners
-Climate with high temperatures, humidity or excessive water
-Infections of the skin with some of my organisms

How to handle it, how to face it

The SAD noted that it was the most important proposaland in skin care and control of dry skin, restarting obstacles to & # 39; skin through the use of specific and specific glazing materials and patients for this type of skin, so as to avoid scratching, increasing casualties and increasing.

This is a multi-functional disease where the cure should be aimed at improving skin obstacles (integrity of skin), avoid spilling and cure bleeding.

All and oatmeal also help, because this is a natural anti-inflammatory for a & # 39; skin. Ultraviolet strains can cooperate, and so it is & # 39; It is recommended that it is open to the sun, but by 10 or after 18 hours, as the most discharged rays on the skin can be deteriorated and uncomfortable.

"The development of new drugs aimed at preventing the spreading processes, with a positive image of safety, can open up a promising vision for the future," said Pascutto's cure dermatologist .

Some of the apportioned numbers Group: SAD and AAAeIC will quantify how difficult & # 39; This situation and direct impact on the daily life of this skin disease.

Itching occurs both day and night, so that 8 of the 10 patients with moderate atopic dermatitis are poorly susceptible to sleep and more than a half-story say that the fishing is sleeping from 5 to 7 nights a week.

Those who suffer DAs are fairly poor to remove their work; doing more of the people. On average, the young people lose 26 class days per year for their children; This lament, at 3.5 days per paper. When the increase began, half (50%) of young people said they were Protecting public viewing and 36% show a reduction in self-confidence.

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