Crossing Bording: The driver was not aware of the live device


On Tuesday, the plans for the four Bangladesh neighbors who tried to go into the country were illegal.

They were found in a registered cargo vehicle in Turk. "During a car check, it was found that the connection was connected to the right of the trailer, and the cable was taken together. During the inspection of the vehicle, police officers also used technical techniques , the CO2 test showed the CO2 value that was inserted inside a cargo trailer part, " a police spokeswoman said Look ShadlHe postponed that a freight carriage was taken to the border cross with a 31-year-old Turkish citizen, but would not be brought before him, as did the police not aware of the driver he was a & n; Conducting strangers in the chat in the & # 39; charging. The four citizens of Bangladesh, 20, 21, 34 and 50 years old, have already been passed by our police officers to the Croatia Security Authority.

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