CSGT Binh Dinh voices about the fight with the driver


Sunday, 11/18/2018 12:00 PM (GMT + 7)

Binh Dinh Police Department reported that a CSGT captain was chasing a head when there was a car.

On November 18, Deputy Binh Dinh Department of Public Security Department said the unit was working with the Nghe Department of Police Department and associated units to invite car owners Vehicle 37C- 041.77 to handle the event.

Previously, on 17-11, on the 10-minute social network division clips with the lack of traffic police in the Binh Dinh stop, stop in the middle of the road to ensure the safety of traffic. When you stop on & # 39; car, traffic police do not want to do but just drive a driver. Due to the lack of truck, the CSGT decided to break the light behind the truck to capture the error. However, the driver knows and sub-truck this purpose and so the police can not do traffic. Then, CSGT will fight people who sit on the truck and then go to them; visiting a car …

Binh Dinh video video about fighting with the driver - 1

Binh Dinh Air Traffic Company set up a group of truck people

Speaking to Nguoi Lao Dong's newspapers about the event, Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Tran Xuan Vuong, Chief of the Police Station of Tuy Phuoc (who belongs to the Dinh Dynasty Police Department) has 2 police officers in The above table is the positioning petition. However, the content cited in this graph is not true about the event.

According to Lieutenant Colonel Vuong, on 7-11, a traffic police team on National Highway 1, before the founding of the Tuy Phuoc Police Station (Loc Phuoc area, Tuy Phuoc area), 37C-041.77 trucks with cattle, four in Car (over one person in accordance with the regulations) traffic in the north-east should be requested by a stopping check. However, the driver escaped but escaped. On the way, this car has dropped his bone, a cow cow on the road, affecting the environment.

After that, the directors of Tuy Phuoc Training Police informed the police police group to defend Highway No. 1 north of the station; Most of Din Dinh to block truck 37C-041.77. To around 0 hours 30 minutes on November 8, the CSGT found that the vehicle was broken on the main road 1 in the Phu district My request requested to confirm only to & # 39; drive non-compliance but continue.

As a result, two members of the executive group, Lieutenant Colonel Tran Chi Dung and Capt. Le Thanh Tan, on a battalion, the truck on the side of the road to stop it. After that, Captain Jin ordered the driver to download the carriage, and sent the document for inspection. However, the people on the truck do not just surrender but also attack words to the person responsible.

Finished, a group of people opened their truck in the glass door, gave them a phone call to a movie. Seeing that, Captain Jin is use flashlight to justify the & # 39; glass. Due to filming, two were opened by trucking the door, and # 39; go down. Then, both sides argued and then fought between Captain Tan and three trunks.

Binh Dinh Video about the fight with the driver - 2

Captain Tan wounded her head after a group of people hit a truck

When seeing this, Lieutenant Colonel Dũng ran back and stopped. However, people on the truck still attacked and shouted: CSGT met people. When Captain Jin entered the patrol car, three men were pulled out, both sides of the truck, and # 39; fight.

"Due to a traffic police at the time there were only two people living there, and their group on the truck 4 was aggressive and so both traffic polices must get into the car, they can not In the fight, Captain Tan was after the incident, we have reported to the Police Department that they should have the medical instructions according to the rules, "said Lieutenant Colonel Wang.

Chief Lieutenant Colonel Vo Van Chin, just after the incident, said that the Binh Dinh Police Department had been in partnership with the Nghe An Nghe Police Division Owner, driver 37C-041.77, dealt with by regulations. However, to this extent they have not yet come to work.

"In terms of this case, we coordinate with the relevant authorities to deal with the regulations, and there are two traffic policing statements regarding the Tuy Phuoc Police Station which relate to it. case, and we also ask them to explain. I will not cover it, "said a senior Colonel.

Lieutenant of the CSGT Police Quy Nhon Police (Binh Dinh), who fell back to the road as long as he was in. talk to the young …

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