Cuba will offer mobile internet data. One of the last countries is that


Cuban will start on mobile data that allows them to access the internet from their cell phones sea ​​on 6 December. The island is one of the last countries in the world to do that.

Following a number of audited exams this year, Mayra Arevich, president of the ETECSA, the state telecommunications company of the State in Cuba, commented on the start of the service on Tuesday, among those who were in attendance. expectations of the people on the island that are not well connected.

It was also reported that the mobile service will cost 0.10 cents convertible passes no CUC (equivalent to one single) for mega, with packages of 600 megabytes for seven pesos convertible to four gigas for 30 trades.

Establish a connection There was a long-term internet process in Cuba which began in the 1990s with limited access to diplomatic and foreign businessmen through slow and slow satellite systems, after the United States restricted the use of the cables that cross the island as a result of the control pictures.

However, Havana came out by joining Venezuela with a fiber optic destination in 2012, without the authorities to commission the service on their own.

In 2013, sailing chambers were opened, and the people were serving on the street; mail or internet climbing. In 2015, the Wi-Fi spaces called the inserted into parks and seats, the biggest link connection that each one costs each time. . There are 830 of these areas at present, the authorities said.

At the same time, part of the opening of services, such as access to emails from mobile phones through the Nauta accounts as well as connecting links to households as in 2017.

Cuban Internet is almost unfit, but the government is blocking a small number of sites such as the Radio and Television Martí channel, and other pages that are funded by the United States. Welcoming system change on the island.

The former president of the ETECSA Business and Technology Strategy, Tania Velázquez, now shows that cellular phone information is enhanced between 6 and 8 of that month to avoid falling like what happened in a number of exams developed this year when around 800,000 people have tried to go into free data at the same time.

"It's important to make a process … and it does not create density," said Velazquez, a & # 39; explains that users can send their message to their phone number; show that the service was capable.

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