Cuong Ula is disturbing her & # 39; wife who is going to marry Dam Thu Trang


Thursday, November 22, 1818, 14:36 ​​PM (GMT + 7)

Cuong Do Dam to Tu Trang's poem for protection.

In the middle of Quoc Cuong's Quoc Cuong Board of Directors, Gna Lai, the Internet and its lover, have been busy with charitable work to help people with need. The next couple told her "The small promises that contribute to great joy"South Westerly

Unlike Dracula & # 34; Dham Thu Trang guilty - 1

A portrait of the people to get a charity

After this charity, Dam Thu Trang sent his personal photograph into the same line: "If you want something that has never been done, do something you've never done."

Unlike Dracula & # 34; Dham Thu Trang guilty - 2

Thu Trang has a beautifully personalized photo sharing

Although most friends and fans did not Praise the beauty of Tu Trang's Daughter, attendees asked: "I do not believe Cuong you?"Post-Office Many websites say that this statement is angry.

Dame You responded significantly: "Do you hear your answer and help you improve your personality?" Stopping there, this person also describes Thu Trang Dam "flower style for people to build" making the singer more urgent.

Unlike Dracula & # 34; Dham Thu Trang guilty - 3

Front page anti-fan on Thu Trang's dam

Dam Trang responded against the supporters again with his / her opinion to answer; blamed a short human approach.

Not only that, Cuong Dollar gave a voice to protect her lover. He advised this person to "live in the right way" with his comment: "I wish you to succeed!" Quoc Cuong

Unlike Dracula & # 34; guilty of Dham Thu Trang - 4

Cuong Do and Dam Thu Trang have not yet appeared just at the wedding time.

For the first time, Cango had personalized her lover's personal image to protect her against the bad words from the anti-fan.

Continue online, they are expected to marry; couple in May next year, but the couple have not spoken. On the Instagram page, Dam Thu Trang wants Cuian Do La the fiancé.

When he gave a gift to his sweetheart, Quoc Cuong married the name of Thu Trang. Quoc Cuong shows the image of a person who is caring and protecting his wife who is going to care going to get married at any time, anywhere.

Pong Cuong Dole in public Dam You've been in front of hundreds of eyes

Cuong Doan and Dam Thu Trang's romantic times in the wedding ceremony Diep Lam Anh.

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