Cure & cannabis & # 39; to prevent sleep breakdown in heavy users who are infected; struggle to stop, find a test


An experimental drug can help to affect cannabis drawing symptoms that make it difficult for heavy users to be able to; Delaying to continue to evolve as the legal shift is in & # 39; grow faster, scientists have said.

Yale University researchers have found out that the cure helps to & # 39; reduce shock marks, such as breaking sleep, worry, and humiliation – and reduce their cannabis more than places that give placebo.

The cure works to prevent a chemical breakdown known as anandamide, one of the cannabis endocannabinoids in a naturally similar way; body that works on the same brain cats as a cannabis.

A much larger clinical test is now going on to get a better picture of its effectiveness before submitting an application for licensing, but the researchers said that the indicators original to & # 39; indicates that it could help with stop users.

"By increasing the marijuana legal efforts, it is reasonable to increase the demand for treatment, and at present we have no medicines to help people try to stop it," said Deepak Cyril D 'Souza, one of the review authors.

"Many other drugs were proven to reduce and reduce the ability to use cannabis, but so far none of them have been shown consistently to counter each other with both pull and reclamation marks," he said.

There is a debate about how fragile and cannabis there is, although it is possible to pull back mental and physical reasons that much of the research is damaged by cannabis with tobacco smoking in joints.

Current estimates that 9 per cent of users carry out the criteria for cannabis dependence disorder that the American Psychiatric Society has committed to; Defines how to persecute dangerous, abusive or social behavior and its behavior; bring back.

Across the world it is considered that this affects 13 million people, but as much as a third of US users with some evaluations. Over 250,000 people have been introduced for a cannabis abuse cure in 2016 but only have a fraction to get a long-term solution.

Findings from Yale researchers, published in the magazine Lancet Psychiatry, they tested their cure in 70 men, as the drug's drug toxicism was still not evaluated, which would smoke more than three sections per day.

It works to block an engine, called acidide fatty amide hydrolase (FAAH) and its & # 39; allowing anandamide to build, which can resemble Yale researchers out of cannabis.

To prove this, they were sleeping patterns as well as the use of cannabis, by urine tests, and asked users to evaluate the quality of sleep, enjoyment and happiness .

At this time only cultivation cures have been extremely successful in dealing with pulling out, but often they are very successful. including drugs that may be damaged or threatened to & # 39; go back.

During the exams, men were getting better sleep and fewer concerns and disorders.

Dimensions raised during sleep showed that patients started to get their / her; placebo who gets deep sleep deep in the night, just after the revenge of the vengeance, long & And the better treatment group was.

Professor D & # 39; Souza and his team suggest that a bankruptcy may be This can be a key factor that affects patients' ability to to sleep

Although more tests are needed to consolidate these results, and to determine things such as memory or poor need and how long the effects of the effects, the medicine can be corrected; Keep promises and do not seem to be ill health.

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"Anandamide is cannabis because endorphins are heroin," said Professor Dzaza.

"Unlike cannabis or its main active partner delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), FAAH impediments do not appear to have a reactive or beneficial effect, so they are unlikely to be spoil. "

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