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Facebook was again in great trouble after the New York Times published an article that explored more than 5,000 words about how the company's leaders responded to a series of scandals. It adds to the fire on Facebook that has forgotten 2018: from election interventions, a hostile language to a huge defense hole. Facebook is trying to rebuild trust with more than 2 billion users, and its # 39; Providing lawyers can be stronger.

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Head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg

Why is Facebook still criticized?

The New York Times research focused on how Mark Zuckerberg, 34, and COO Sheryl Sandberg, 49, addressed the company's emergency in the last three years. The article criticized a leadership team, asking questions about them and the place in Facebook as well as the future of social networks.

According to his newspaper, the leaders "have regard to warning signs and then they tried to hide the public." They are also "hit by individual projects and provide policy makers and confidentiality to publishers." Facebook is trying to "pull out" and "hunt the truth" of the data privacy crack that came to light in March, in which Cambridge Analytica, a British consulting company, relied on fish data . multiplied by almost 87 million Facebook users without permission.

The article also said that Facebook was aware of Russia's activity on the ground in spring 2016, more than a year before the company gave a warning to the public. Sandberg has challenged the security director Alex Stamos, who left his company, how he will handle the problem. At the same time, Facebook officers do everything they do; It is possible to protect the profile of social networks. To do this, the New York Times wrote that Facebook was using aggressive campaigning strategies and relations with Washington to take off its joint ventures and, affecting their credit. At one time, Facebook has a media company called Definers Public Affairs for playing "dirty media", and # 39; Reduced Judge George Soros's credit by connecting it to Facebook campaigners.

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Facebook is a testimonial before the US Congress

Why do people take care of Facebook?

Facebook is the largest social network on a planet with a population of around 2.3 billion, more than any other country on Earth. Since its inception in 2004, when a company has made a huge shift (for example, including News Feed or downloading messenger Messenger people), they are constantly can be split back by the user but can not change. yesterday

As the US president of 2016 shows, not just a place in Facebook for sharing images or status updates. Russia knows that this is an effective tool for translation in the selection by misleading information. Since then, common ideas or a series of scandals have continued to Facebook and downplaying and rage.

What's the latest Facebook fears?

This year, Facebook has been familiar with four waves, but the film is largely related to the guidance and responding to the problem.

In 2018, it was the biggest movie. on Facebook to analyze whether Russian translation is in the 2016 US president. In 2017, ask the social network to find evidence that Russia used the platform to buy important advertising. Terms of Use However, the question on how Russia has been working and working is not enough enough to answer. This year, before Facebook sent more than 100 accounts away from mid-term applications in the US that could be contacted by a Russian group.

Facebook is looking at new scandals when the New York Times and The Guardian show data about ten million users taken over with political advice called Cambridge Analytica. There is a problem raising concerns about Facebook protection on data collected by users. Things were getting worse when Facebook lost nearly 3 years to warn them about data abuse. & # 39; Zuckerberg's credit to give evidence before Congress.

Then, this summer, Facebook and technology put Alex Jones to the stronghold for breaking the rules on hate speech and violent content. Jones was attacked to spread beautiful stories. The ban is to suggest that users are suspicious that Facebook is a # 39; hear voices but his company is deny this.

Facebook is not getting better in September after protecting a security hole. Users who use their & # 39; Code in Sealladh How to steal personal information of 29 million accounts, including telephone numbers, birthdays, home.

This time, the debate relates to public affairs issues. Not only did he aim for the Soros Billionaire of Hungary, but also his / her; focus on Facebook technology initiatives. Silicon Valley celebrities criticize Facebook publicly for the Cambridge Analytica scanner as Apple Tim Cook's Director. Thumbnails have sent to the NTK Network, which publishes a number of articles; criticize Apple and Google. According to another article in New York Times, the thumbnails gave information to the elders who questioned Sandberg at the September conference.

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Answer Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook?

Both Zuckerberg and Sandberg refused to worry in the terrible article. They said they did not know if Facebook is a job employing Definers. After the article appears, they finished the contract with Definers. Facebook also searches relationships with other stakeholder organizations. At the same time, Sandberg told CBS that the "media" were recruited. She says that it does not include spending time; hiding, mourning or laughing; hiring a PR company to do that. Facebook also cleared from experiencing Russian activity from spring 2016.Answer Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook?

How does Facebook affect it?

Companies can be stronger than regulated. Applicant David Cicilline, who is expected to chair the Antitrust Committee of Representatives House for Justice, said Facebook is not credible for devolution. He once wrote that the law "to address the criminal impact of corporate money in democracy."

The MP Democrat has called on the Justice Department, the Cambridge Analytica screen, investigating Facebook's "reconciliation against critics or civil servants who are trying to challenge the high- guide or hear a floor. " public information is important ".

Can Zuckerberg or Sandberge drop or burn?

Almost that is not the case. Zuckerberg will manage 60% of Facebook voting stock so that he can not go out of his & # 39; company. Answer CNN on 21/11, Marc confirmed that he has no plan to go down as president. He also said that Sandberg would not go anywhere. He defends himself by saying, "When I run a company with thousands of people, people who do things I do not even know in the company".

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