Curitiba will have a hard competition for bike sharing and scooters


At least three new cycling share companies – which include routine and electronic bikes and electric scooters – are to start work in Curitiba in the coming months. As a result, five headings, which press for applications for mobile phones, have introduced services or services to the capital. Yellow had already been planned by the competition, initially to pilot a trial with bike and electric scooters in a limited area. The pioneer even shows numbers so the competition does not come ahead, which promises to be wild and harder.

Lime, who began work in Sao Paulo in January, is about to contribute to Curitiba with a grant of $ $ 335 million, by Uber – the big one of travel requests as their main investment. Uber already has its own service, Jump, which should be the capital of Paraná shortly, as well as Scoo Brasil. The last two are still to be named.

Shortly after Bui was submitted, Curitiba received a Mexican Grig, which was introduced into the country through a partnership with Rappi delivery company. Grin and Yellow were joined in February this year in a contract that was not yet released. The link will extend and complement the area of ​​operation. Overall, the two companies are now putting 300 ordinary bicycles and 600 scouts in Curitiba. Grin in February stated that he would reach a thousand schooners in the city.

“The range of screens, which used the Civic Center largely, was extended to an area now running from Alto da XV to Batel. We bring in the amalgamation process to make the areas compatible, "said the public relations manager of Yellow, Marcel Bely."

The price is $ 3 for the first three minutes of use and $ 0.50 for every extra minute. The payment will be made by the credit card recorded in the application. Initially the service was “now fashionable”, drawing attention to leisure activities. One of the aims is that of regular transport, not just for Buidhe, making changes in prices to encourage the active user. “We were able to diversify for small distances in the middle and middle of the morning and we will sort it out for small meetings at the first, last and last time. People are heading down larger paths, especially with the crevices where the area was extended. We do a little research and run into the application to understand some more of the user profile, "he names.

Vandalism remains a major challenge
Their success is not just like hiding the risks facing the service, some are expected, such as predation and damage. The two companies installed or installed are only applications with applications, that is, no stations or "docks" such as those operating in Belo Horizonte. BHTrans, the transport authority in the city of Minas Gerais, has sent out entries for a competition from companies interested in operating stations similar to those used in cities such as New York, Paris and Buenos Aires. This system would prevent damage, as rentals are parked and locked at stations stationed throughout the town. The withdrawal will be drawn up by a credit card at the station.

In Curitiba, the first days of working with the yellow system called attention, the number of equipment that was badly damaged. In one case, from February, three bicycles were thrown at the same place on a river at the Civic Center. In a different way, this month's video showed his teenagers destroying a bike after they had tried to remove parts of his bike. In the early part of May, on 22 January, Guardian Municipal attended four incidents where bikes were stolen or taken to places outside the conquest of the application. The bicycles were recovered, but they have been completely or completely destroyed. The company is not currently spreading the balance of deforestation. There is also potential for accidents, where the company alone stands for any loss.

“The company works with the 'yellow defenders' who look at the equipment, make a little repairs and carry them to the garage. We have a shed in Curitiba. All our equipment (including GPS and locks) has online security systems. The interior of the application includes a place for complaints and quickly can go after stolen or damaged equipment, "said Bely.

In January, Yellow notified Beam of Perception with a note that the electric cycle system was due to be implemented at Curitiba in March, but now the date is sure.

“We launched the electric bikes in São Paulo (on 11 March). We're trying the equipment and the request to find out how it works. Expansion is expected to Curitiba, I believe after São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, "said the company's public relations manager.

Vandalism is not just for Curitiba, or the cities of São Paulo and Belo Horizonte, where the service already shows signs of abortion. In February last year, the company who was operating one of the bike systems decided to split Paris into a halt to the activities at the French and European capital afterwards four months of achievement. Launched in October 2017, the system dropped to the station, with only demand control, after its "big damage" to its cycle fleet.

The decision to finish the events was "terrible and frightening", wrote the Hong Kong based company in a statement citing the end of the work. In four months, 60% of our fleet was destroyed or stolen, "defeated the European project," according to the company.

Computer-free (non-cup) systems allow users to use bikes with a query, usually by linking the code's code to open it. At the end of the journey, bikes can be parked anywhere.

More established cycle systems, such as the Velib de Paris, Citi Bike in New York, or the Brazilian systems, want to return bikes to the stations. In New York "it works" because there are stations in almost every town.

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