Current Changes: the film will grow and China started research – 11/27/2018


China ordered to testify to Chinese scientists' claims that have created their first modified pies in breeding in history, certification action of "crazy" with several researchers.

Jiankui, a professor at the University of Shenzhen in Guangdong Department (right), is published in a video on YouTube on Monday. born "a few weeks ago" of two twin girls the DNA changed so that they become stronger for HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

The justification is, as he explained Jiankui in another video, that's Identify, the couple's dad (Lulu and Nana) are HIV behaviors.

"When Mark saw his daughters He said he had never thought that he was in a position; He could be a father and was now a reason to live, purpose for work, purpose. HIV has HIV. There is discrimination in many developing countries that make the virus worse. Employers will shoot people like Mark. And doctors often want to cure them, "said the Chinese scientist.

The quiz scientist, He Jiankui, holds his book

The quiz scientist, He Jiankui, holds his book "The Human Genome." In the background, a series of symbols can hear the spin-shaped form of the human genome (Reuters).

However, the Chinese government was moving rapidly. "We have asked the health authorities in the Guangdong Department to open immediately detailed scrutiny to clarify the truth, "said the National Health Commission on Monday night, saying they were" very important "to this issue.

Tuesday, Deputy Science and Technology Minister, Xu Nanping, said by public television, If the couple were born really, it would be illegal.

In accordance with the ethical principles set up in 2003 in relation to cellular research, In vitro culture is capable of only 14 days after fertilization or replacement of the cneap.

He sent Jiankui to him wave of criticism from the world scientific community, including the center of the researcher, University of Science and Technology; South, put out and say he was "really awesome".

The geneticist, trained at Stanford University in the United States and who runs a special genome lane in Shenzhen, says he used the CRISPR / Cas9 technology (also known as "genome scissors"), which is allowing the unwanted parts of the genome to be removed and replaced, as if a computer error was corrected.

The Lulu and Nana couples were born, after they were moved with torture in vitro from modified embryos, before being inserted inside Grace, her mother.

However, the medical rod could not be confirmed – as it was a devolution – as a result of Chinese team results have not been published in any scientific journal.

Scientists from the Chinese Contestant He Jiankui (AP).

Scientists from the Chinese Contestant He Jiankui (AP).

There were more than 100 Chinese scientists, most of biologists and doctors, and laments in a statement "crazy", which is" a huge hit on world reputation and the development of biological research in China. "

The Shenzhen authorities emphasized that each health group should establish a ethical advisory committee before biological research was carried out in humans. A step that the hospital involved in exams was not guaranteed to follow the rules.

But this hospital, Harmonicare, refused any interest in the case and ensured that the document would be; allow the knowledge Maybe it's counterfeit.

"We were constantly opposed to the development of genetic tests that break credit and morality," he said in the statement on Tuesday.

That is that China wants to be a head of the world in genetic research and field, and green areas of local legislation sometimes protect the route for controversial investigations.

In 2015, Chinese scientists have a & The first one to change human embryos species, according to Nature magazine.

In the same year, a laboratory was built in Tianjin (north) for wildlife fields, with the aim of making up to one million cattle every year.

Image of two similar generic mice born this year in China. (AFP)

Image of two similar generic mice born this year in China. (AFP)

At the beginning of 2018, Chinese researchers resemble the same time for the first time, using the only field of field used more than 20 years ago by the famous Dolly sheep, the first mammal that was bent.

These checks can contribute to the development of drugs or medications against diseases, but they are generating ethical questions, especially about how to do it. cloning people.

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