Current plans for its boundary wall Spacepad division and launchpad in two


Facepalm: SpaceX resources include Texas's launchpad one of the most important ones – it's where they're trying and trying. plan for their first confidence to Mars. So, it came to be astonishment when Democrats saw that a wall was going down in the middle; newspaper-launch literacy on a home security map.

The wall of the Trump situation threatens a lot of land on the southern American border, but some of the places are more important than others. "SpaceX is the case that the fence is cutting through its property and that's a problem," said Lucille Roybal-Allard, who is in a position. purchase of home security expenses committee.

The cost would cost $ 100 million and another five years, which would not spoil SpaceX but also the local economy. SpaceX received $ 20 million benefits to put the launch button in Boca Chica (near Brownsville) due to the economics that faced it; The 500 jobs needed.

The democratic representative of Fileon Vela to Bloomberg said SpaceX is unhappy but has not raised objections or have not been discussed with the Congress on the case. "They are a way behind the scenes on this, they are lying very low," said Vela. "SpaceX does not want to decline the Department of Home Security."

When asked, SpaceX said Home Security and Conservative and Border Protection wanted to access the site to check it out. "At this time, SpaceX evaluates the application and is in contact with DHS to further understand their plans." Country Territorial Security or Home Customs and Border Protection did not comment on his / her; case.

This builds its & # 39; A question, has a genuine start-up facility requiring a boundary wall to stop people who have a problem; walk through? Perhaps not, says Vela and Roybal-Allard, who has written a letter to a Republican who posted the site to the list of areas that should be free from the wall.

It appears at this time, SpaceX has a & # 39; Wait for construction workers to tap on the door before performing. This may not be a bad idea, because the area is likely to be final to get the wall, if at all.

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