Curry recognizes its accuracy and accepts an invitation from NASA after a & # 39; questioned that the man went to the moon Sport


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Mark Blinch I Agence France Presse

The soldier's surname Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry He was invited by NASA to visit the place of Lyndon B. Johnson in Houston on Wednesday, after a Monday questioned that the man was on the moon.

"With the concepts that he received (my opinion), I will accept the invitation. I am going to educate myself about everything NASA has Produced and displayed his work for many years, "said the NBA two-time MVP.

"I hope people realize that education is the power, that information is power, "he said.

On a "Winging It" podcastcast, on Monday, Curry said he was convinced that the man was ashore on a moon in 1969.

"I did not say that in a sudden that a podcast was obvious. Then I made a complaint in silence for the waves of the people, who gave my words to the letter," he explained.

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