Cut: Mourinho confirms that Alexis is not injured and has not played it through a technical decision


On paper, the young boys from Switzerland were just as challenging as Manchester United. Out of the area, with the old Trafford full and a number of stars, except Alexis Sanchez, José Mourinho should win a good advantage against a team, certainly, of a series less.

However, his meeting took place. Unless Alexis, and even announced, the Red Devils needed to work hard to do so; Bankruptcy broke out Swiss, leaving her & # 39; Belgium Marouane Fellaini, to live in the European League. The panorama was complex if they were tied, as the next day enters Valencia and its; falling before they went out, the Mou was destroyed.

After the meeting, Mourinho responded with some tension against her, media inquiries. One of them was not the conflict against the Spaniard. In short, the Portuguese replied that it was a technical decision "and not with famine.

A man who was a praised Spanish painter David de Gea, who had a number of savings during his / her; game: "The best keeper of the world is, if our ambition is to be the best, we have to stay with him." he said.

Anyway, add cold tweed to classrooms to the second round of the European League and recognize that they need to increase their level: "The second round is to be fulfilled, it's not a great achievement or something that's amazing, but it's achievable, teams are better than us, teams with more realistic and legitimate goals, when a team comes to seasonal quarterly, everything can happen ", closed

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