CVP, the applicant, Viola Amherd defends its & # 39; her post


Half of the hearings for the election of a Federal Council is going through. SVP has already made a decision: most of them have & # 39; chooses Heidi Z & graffgen at CVP and Karin Keller-Sutter at the FDP. Although the race was over at the FDP, Viola Amherd can still defend his career at CVP.

Did the applicant at the Forth Council CVP Viola Amherd (56) have been very lucky at the hearings yesterday? One thing is sure: Wallisian chose the same uniform to achieve how the CVP had heard about two weeks ago. At that time, she gave her most of the votes the blue cloth, a plaid roof, and a tiny dark blue-tape.

SVP Sünneli Z & G; graggen appears to be – but it is not clear enough

So it's more important for his opponent, Heidi Z, graggen (52), to do well on the other parties. She received the SVP: Of the 55 members present, 38 were voting for the Uri government consultant. Amherd came to ten SVP votes. Were seven vacant.

For Zs Graggen, the SVP Sünneli appears to be on the horizon. "It is business friendly and it has been shown that it is more pronounced for a closer connection to the EU," said the director of his organization, Thomas Aeschi (39). The SVP expects to be a "most reliable bourgeois in the Bundesrat".

«She has 14 years as a government consultant»

The SVP is a & # 39; first group to decide who they want in Bundesrat. Thinking behind him: If Zragen's Zrigen is chosen, she knows what she wants to have – and who she wants something!

Last SVP has the same strategy last year in the FDP, Ignazio Cassis (57) chosen: I made 45 votes in advance for an applicant. And disappointment has not been made: most of its & # 39; Set the way again in the Bundesrat – it would be in the arms exports, Visa leave or Uno-Immigration Consent.

For bad news Z & graffgen: Because the right course is already protected. This can make the SVP more exciting. Surely almost one third SVP has decided against Urnerin. The SVP Sünneli is not clear enough!

Amherd can count on farmers

Instead, rivalry Amherd will win an important SVP vote. It's amazingly a lot. Especially with the farmers, it is sympathetic. "Viola Amherd has heard a lot from me and the farmers," said member of the National Council SVP Andreas Aebi (60). "We have a better idea of ​​Zeroggan's Zigglen after their rural hearing. She is passionate and committed to confirming what we expect from a Territorial Adviser."

Even with herbs and green freedoms Amherd is higher in the course. Although the two groups decide next week they are officially praised for election. But it was clear what the hearts were affecting.

"We want to use our voices to achieve greater exposure to the European approach in Bundesrat," said leader of GLP Group Tiana Angelina Moser (39). That's the benefit of Amherd.

Also in the Greens Sometimes Z & # 39; graggen could not & # 39; Determine decisions to run the maximum Amberd. The Urnerin really looked like the Valaisan, a parliamentary. "The starting position did not change." Advance Amherd here too.

The race was running at the FDP

In general, the Valais has defended its pole position. Next week, the hearings will be at SP, FDP and BDP. Here too, new features appear: Graggen Z is likely to be ahead of the FDP, SP and BDP Amort. Z & # 39; Graggen had a great final vitality to take Amherd. That is not impossible.

On the other hand, running the race with the FDP: There is no one around Ständeratspräsidentin Karin Keller-Sutter (54)! The FDP stands behind it almost unanimous. Now she has confirmed the SVP: 38 SVPler spoke for Keller-Sutter, for Hans Wicki's United States Council (54) only 16 votes. The Nidwaldner is from the "potentially capable" motto to do from an everyday day.

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