Cyber ​​Monday community campaigners step in protest in the fight against Amazon HQ2


Although millions of customers view online; In response to Cyber ​​Monday, campaigners in New York City opposed the big Amazon internet decision to bring one of the two "HQ2" corporate offices to the Queens Island area of ​​Long Island City.

Businesses involved in Amazon Books

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a brick-and-mortar place near Herald Square in Manhattan for about half an hour starting at 12:30 p.m. Many campaigners, many sign-makers and cardboard boxes were similar to the & # 39; Amazon package, speeches and rooms including "Not a penny to Amazon" inside a & # 39; shop before leaving out of their external complaint on & # 39; platform.

Community groups plan to set up a second Monday morning placement at Long City City Court Square Park, just blocks away from the place where Amazon's Accommodation is built. More than 3,000 people on Facebook

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they are interested in attending the event later, who will be able to attend the event. Introducing a march with a game after that.

The two events were organized with almost two dozen community groups, including local unions and non-priorities that work on behalf of immigrants. And there was no decision at the time of events – organizers said they hoped they would hope that they will learn the public about what they see as the consequences of the events. Amazon HQ2 could be at risk and be more interested by local and state politicians.

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"It's a big day in Cyber ​​Monday for Amazon, and Amazon's coming to the Queens is a big case for New Yorkers," said Charles Khan, an organizer with her. Strong Economic Partnership and the Center for General Democracy, to MarketWatch after the Herald Square fort. "It's a trillion-dollar company with the richest in the world, and they do not need any help from taxpayers to come to New York."

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Twelve activists put Amazon Books' store near Herald Square in Manhattan on Cyber ​​Monday, calling NYC officers back to the "HQ2" award to the retailer.

Many of the campaigners said they were worried about the potential effects of Amazon's corporate offices in Long Island's City of affordable housing in Queens. In particular, there is a fear that low-cost household prices in neighboring neighborhoods such as Woodside and Jackson Heights can attract new Amazon workers and increase their growth and increase their rent.

Organizers said that they are particularly concerned about the large number of newly-recovered immigrants in the Queen – they are afraid that more modern and wealthier residents can be placed on go away. Researchers have estimated that Amazon HQ2 can maximize 800 people in their homelessness in New York City and Northern Virginia. (Amazon did not respond to comment).

"We are committed to blocking this issue," said Deborah Axt, co-executive director of Make the Road New York, a non-priority that promotes community building and policies; Benefits residents who live in migrants and workers. "We are not interested in living still what they get in Seattle."

In addition, entrepreneurs worried about $ 3 billion plus in subsidies introduced by New York officials and home officials on Amazon to bring it to New York. Arguments from lawyers that Amazon HQ2 will grow in state tax revenue, and so Maritza Silva-Farrell, senior director of ALIGN, will not focus on the rights of labor and economic equality. "This is the traditional troublesome economies that we know do not work," she said. "These are the most popular subsidies for education and transport."

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