CyM Vizcarra is compatible with the company & # 39; Building Club for Pillons Lady


CyM Vizcarra, the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, assisted a partnership with the construction company Obrainsa, member of the Construction Club & # 39; to build the Chileagan lady in Arequipa.

According to Sunday information Panorama, in October 2003 a company was entered into Colca Partnership the companies Upaca S.A. and engineering works S.A. (Obrainsa) to make this project, which was initially worth $ 14 million 600,000, but spent at $ 22 million.

In fact it is about post-documented documents, as well as negotiating awards Colca Partnership He asked the state company of Egasa, to comply with a series of pays that had to be agreed.

Devolved State Prizes

Among the actors involved were Fernando Cantuarias and Emilio Cassina, both linked to leaving Odebrecht in their prizes with the Peruvian State. On Sunday, Cantuarias asked Egasa to pay Colca Partnership $ 641,541.33, while Cassina prescribes a payment of $ 520,665.16.

The work concluded in 2005 and the arrangements continued until 2009, when the partnership made by a company was required; chairman Egasa to pay a settlement of $ 6,797,043, as long as the state company said that had a balance of only $ 1 and 220,163.16.

Although the court of rulers (who included Cassina) did not give reasons to the parties, he ordered his / her; pay Egasa gu Colca Partnership of a series of sums for the concept of subordinate or secondary applications, which amounted to $ 3,970,000.

Limited participation

Despite the cost of going over the work Arequipa and the following compromise awards, from the Government palace, refused to have a partnership of more than 5% in the company's partnership. chairman.

As stated, CyM Vizcarra was not responsible for the rental tools for the execution of the project. A similar service to those offered between 2006 and 2008 to Consortium Conirsa, who had a large part in the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht.

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