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– Shawn Smith has previously heard the promises. When new hotels came close to the public housing place in the Queen where she lived for 17 years, residents were told to bring them jobs and economic opportunities.

He never saw it off. So it's sad about the news this week that Amazon will build a headquarters for 25,000 workers on the Long Island City, half a mile away from home. Selected officials promise that Amazon's presence will undermine the Western Prince. Mac a 'Ghobhainn is not as sure.

"The hotels here, they are not employing anyone. They are taking their own," said Mac a Smith, who is " coming to construction work in New Jersey. "No matter what I'm feeling about Amazon."

The only unbelievable voice was among the 6,400 people who had a " living in Queensbridge Housing, the largest public housing place in the US.

Residents, most of whom are black or Hispanic, are & # 39; show hope that there could be something for them in the Amazon employment bonanza to emphasize the problems in their neighborhood. But they take the chance that has been promised with salt salts.

"Let's see if they are employing from here," said Fontaine White, 54, who has been at # 39; lived in Queens Bridge for eight years. "I think it's a good idea, as long as we remember that we also live here. If you Amazon at Long Island Town, we are part of Long Island Town. "

At least a $ 2.8 billion chairman and state officials were betting in a tax credit and donations to make Amazon an image of Queens, where it would be in a new area built around a business boat bay.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Prime Minister Bill de Blasio, both Democrats, has said that his contract is so good for all.

De Blasio, who won office on commitments to address the gap between wealth and wealth in the town, said Amazon has promised to give money for work training programs for public housing residents, replace a new school and pay into your home property. is used for projects that benefit the community.

"When you put this type of type (of jobs) into our economy, you're opening many opportunities for everyday people," said Blas of Friday when it appeared on the Brian Lehrer show on radio WNYC. He said that the presence of Amazon would continue to "a lot of jobs for young people to come out of our public schools, to get out of public housing, and & # 39; coming out of the universities of their city. That is crucial to tackling inequality. "

Large government incentives for Amazon have severely severed the democrats that affect the politics of a state.

Sen. Chuck Schumer reported in support of the contract. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand said "one of the wealthiest companies in their history should not be financially supported by taxpayers, and many of New York's families have a & # 39 ; fight to end the heads. "

A town councilor and a state commander & # 39; Long Island Town representation exploring ways of trying to block subsidies. Around 100 people were complaining about the contract this week.

New Yorkers who ride on the platform through Queens have been aware of how the neighboring traveler will deal with them. The station is closest to the place where Amazon had already made a normal daily rider of 23,672, and made it one of the most busy on the system.

The Queen's Houses also have a great knowledge of the public conversation.

For decades, the housing project was built 26th in the shadow of the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge for its rough location. He was famous in Hip Hop history, talents featuring Marley Marl, Roxanne Shante, Nas, and Havoc of Rap Rapob-Rap Rap.

Crime has declined dramatically in recent years. The Queen's bridge was marked for nearly two years without burning before it finished in 2017. But most of the New York City housing projects, Complaints about severe situation, non-reliable heat and hot water, and rats and roaches.

The same week officials indicated that they were willing to allow Amazon billions of dollars to be avoided in taxes, a federal judge refused to order the town to pay $ 1 billion over four years and $ 200 million more annually for the following six years to negotiate situations in public housing, saying it has not been long enough.

"There are many housing issues without having to do things, not to do things," said Lisa Cruz, 40, an office manager who has been living in Queens Bridge for 12 years. "It's really bad."

The area around Bridgebridge has already been changing rapidly. Luxury supplies have disappeared. The corporate headquarters of JetBlue is very little away. Artisanal brewery moved into. Hotels, once rare in outdoor burglaries, have evolved, safeguarding safe streets and fast access to Manhattan. A large water park was sprinkled up.

"The neighborhood is much cleaner than it was. There have been a lot of changes. There are many more police around," said Cruz, a mother of four.

But prices have gone up in local grocery stores and there is more concern for parking to make it difficult.

"It's unhappy that he needed to come in new hotels, and new buildings and new storage units for fancy-schmancy material," said Cruz. "Our park has changed dramatically. That's something we have enjoyed, but how many years did it make us decide our Queensbridge Park in the community to enjoy it?"

Ashley Nieves, who has been a 21-year-old Queen's Bridge, worried that the reach of Amazon would be more expensive, but it was hoped that there would be employment opportunities.

That would be an exchanges that she was willing to stay together.

"If you're hiring more people, especially those who live in the projects," said two mothers, "it's like opening doors to live better. "


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