Cyril Hanouna is influencing the news of Agathe Auproux's cancer in TPMP: "We are all united in this difficult problem that it is going through t



On Monday morning, a C8 columnist of the exhibition "Balance ton Poste" was announced for a number of months of cancer. "Touch not to post" on Monday night, Cyril Hanouna was determined to support him.

The channel's head hotel said he was "obviously aware for several months of what had happened to Agathe".

“She was really going to talk about it, she was sick with lies and she lost her hair and she didn't want people to think why there wasn't so much hair or why she is wearing turtlenecks. ", it is still, before addressing support from the family's" TPMP ":" We are giving him intensive support, we made him a big kiss. "


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