Czech-Slovak Ball 2019: Andrea Verešová returns to the unit, Lucia Barmošová as an evening star


It's a prestigious event in the & # 39; English-Slovak English that connects our two countries. The women choose each year to choose their jewel. This year was held on Saturday, 16th February, in the General House's showrooms in Prague.

The sixth year of the Czech-Slovakic Backpack was in a romantic situation, and the women showed it a rhythm

The sixth year of the Czech-Slovakic Backpack was in a romantic situation, and the women showed it a rhythm

The 6th year of the Czech Ball Member was born in a romantic area. It was not bad that his organizers organized it for Valentine's week. It was opened by the Balno National Ballet Theater with its dance number from the Rómeo ballet and Júlia. Hanna Zagorová was the star of the Czech-Hungarian star in the evening, and he did not. The sound of Maria Čírová, Adam Ďurica no Tereza Kerndlová. A five-hour OTO pair, Lucie Barmosova and the actor and moderator Martin Dejdar who was in the night moderators.

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Monika Bagarova

The singer Monika Bagarova was with her friend, MMA mice, Makhud Muradov. Her incredible image was standing out in a metal dress, including a scarf that showed her lovely feet that collapse in a lock. Monica was happy with the audience.

Lucia Hablovičová

Former Mr Slovakia came, and now Lucia Hablovic's headteacher enters the President's Chamber and the courteous designer of Boris Haneček. Lucia is secretly praised by the work of Boris, not their first co-operation. Lucy's beautiful dress came from her designer's shoulders.

Nikol Švantnerová

Ms. Czech in 2015, Nikol Švantner, made a red piece from the fashion house Poner. Nikol, who is currently TV director of TV, has taken his friend Patrick Dressler. Her neck and ankles were decorated with ALO diamons.


Novels and singers Daniela and Veronika Nile have noticed their myths with a variety of similar guys. This time they have been from Tarik Ediz, special in special design. They were very happy, their heads remembered a simple, ugly doll.

Andrea Verešová

Andrea Verešová's model is the designer of Jane Pištejová. A pompous green gown took advantage of a sale, as a ball, to the attention of travelers. The Diamond Diamond Center logo was in the jewelery of this color.

Celeste Buckingham

Celeste Buckingham singer won the black color for a Czech-Slovakian member. The clothing and jewelry were taken by Aneta Jurgovianova and girls from the Private Water School in Kežmarok. He liked the member in the support company, the friend Ales Mlatilik.

Lucia Barmošová

Moderator Lucia Barmošová also participated in the Czech Ball Member's assessment. Along with the case, the Japanese actor Martin Dejdar had a & look after the entertainment. Lucia had on night clothes from Boris Haneček, who was also featured at a & # 39; a member.

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María Čírová

The singer Mária Čírová was delighted to sing singers. It was not seen in the lines, made by Martina Grešová's fashion designer, made under the Belvoir Boutique® banner.

Monika Leová

Miss Earth's 2013 2013 and Monika Leová moderator looks like a movie star. The elegant black dress from fashion designer Taťána Kovařiková is set up with clear silver jewelery. His mouth did not break his red brooch.

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