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A fluffy disease has been promoted in vaccine support, vaccine orders have risen by up to 500%

A measles will be a distributed in the Czech Republic – Illustrated portrait.

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In Virginia County Presbyterian, Washington, there is a disease; measles have occurred. This happened after the campaigners who had been fighting. vaccine is a part of their fellow citizens on immunization. It is said that it causes autism, which has never shown any investigation. After the disease was started and when an emergency situation was cited, people went out; However, also denied her for a vaccine.

According to the technical magazine, Ars Technica, local authorities report 50 lost only from the beginning of this year, with another 11 suspected. This is not surprising because in 2017 only 76.5 per cent of pressengers were included in the area of ​​their measles. The journal says that the level of vaccine needs 92 to 94 per cent to prevent the spread of this viral disease.

Clan Clark's citizens will fight long so that they can Their children are immunized, saying Kaiser Health News. People rescued 3150 squirrel vaccines in January, an increase of almost 500 per cent compared to January last year with only 530.

In response to these events, Oregon state officials within five thousand children sent to a parent's letter saying that they would bring out unsuccessful pupils; vaccine before 20 February. The disease is a little spread to other states. In most US states it is possible to refuse a vaccine without sanctions, for example because of religion.

A measles contain a & quot; Provides rare viral illness that causes diarrhea and air disease. The world is even one of the most common causes of childhood death, Wikipedia says. This is ratified by the World Health Organization, but in 2017, 110,000 people died from the crushed, and most children.

There is no cure for herbaceous, it can only reduce illnesses such as fever or breab. It is a detrimental day in the patient before it's been done; Find the first problem up to four days after your problem starts. Everyone who has not met must also have to be circulated.

In the Czech Republic, vaccine against crusher has been critical since 1969, but this did not prevent a 16-year-old disease in Prague. There are already 51 people in the capital. Královské University Hospital Vinohrady said there was a disease, due to disease, 95 healthcare professionals and other internal clinic staff, metallic units and consultancy areas.

In mid-January, a restaurant in the Committee Room also closed as a result of the squirrel in the staff, and is now working again.

In the European Union, a measles in 2018 came in 20 countries, Most affected Romania, where there were almost 5,400 cases, followed by France, Italy and its. Greece. Ukraine is one of the largest countries that impact on the continent of Europe, which accounted for 54,000 cases of illness and 16 deaths in 2018.

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