Wednesday , April 8 2020
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After the spring weekend a cold cold comes out –

On Sunday, the sun is looking behind the clouds, sometimes a cloud and snow fall again in the mountains. The daily temperature of a maximum of 10 to 14 ° C, in South Morar to 16 ° C.

To be in Sunday, it should fall in most of the Czech Republic. Maximum temperature for the day 7 to 11 ° C, Tuesday 5 to 9 ° C Similarly, the weather should keep on Wednesday.

Temperatures arrive from Thursday to 12 ° C. There is a slight increase in weather conditions at the weekend. At first, the cloudy atmosphere is cleaned and the maximum daily temperature rises gradually to 13 ° C, probably even 18 ° C.

After the average April start, there should be a warm season when the temperature rises above the average. All time should take place until 21 April. Releases will be expected, but weekly figures are thought to be moving below average.

Long-term weather forecasts cannot produce accurate temperatures for particular days, and cannot cope with any regional differences.

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